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*About Kristin*

1914305_862191460567672_448872858304599058_n“I was born in Springfield, Missouri, home of the
Cashew Chicken and Brad Pitt.

I’m a 30-something year old stay at home mother/wife of 6 beautiful children, ages 12 and under. We live in a traditional Christian home with traditional Christian values. Our faith is the center point in our house. I am a (6 years) convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS and it had done wonders in my marriage and household. We put God first in our family and without Him, we would be nothing.  I’m so very thankful.

After feeling like I needed to take a financial stand in my family, I began Coupon Friendly in May of 2011, when I lived in Jefferson City with my ex. husband. Once we decided to
separate and divorce, I had Bonny join my team to help the upkeep of Coupon
Friendly. She was such a great addition to my blog and a joy to talk to and
work with.

Around that time, I moved my kids and myself back down to Springfield to be surrounded by family and friends. Shortly after moving back, I met my current husband, Josh, through
my best friend, who is now my cousin (by marriage). After my divorce was
finalized, we began dating and within 3 months we got married. I explained to
him how important it was to me to be part of helping out our family
financially. I wanted to continue Coupon Friendly to help save my family money,
along with helping other families do the same thing. He’s been so supportive of

Around Fall of 2016, Bonny and I separated ways. We are still great friends and support each other’s blog. I couldn’t have gotten Coupon Friendly so far without her! You can find her website at BonnyBuckner.com. Check her out!

My mission is to give readers a family-friendly blog to help save money and
live a coupon-friendly lifestyle! Subscribe to my blog, along with my social media networks.

My favorite thing to do is spending time with my family. They’re my whole world I couldn’t imagine my life without any of them. I’m also a gamer, as part of the Nerd Out Online crew. Find me on Twitter: @iamkristys #iamkristys. We stream on Twitch occasionally and play MOBAs!




You can e-mail Kristin at [email protected] 


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