Not Easy Like Sunday Morning – But Worth It

    Okay, so a day late, considering this post recollects Sunday. Still, something on my mind.

    Getting 6 kids ready for church isn’t easy. Not in the least. No matter how well you prepare the night before. I spent Saturday on laundry to make sure everyone had church clothes, and had a pile of goodies (coloring pages, notebooks, writing utensils, etc.) for them to choose from to keep them quiet during Sacrament Meeting. I even tried to get them to bed at a decent hour.

    Sunday morning came, and while a couple of the kiddos were listening, one slept in and the others were running around like I had given them 5 energy drinks in one sitting. I knew I had to get ready myself, so that’s what I focused on first.

    I know, so selfish of me..

    But if I was fully ready, then I could completely focus on the kids and not run back and forth from my bedroom to put on makeup or fix my hair back to their rooms. I’ve done that method before. It does NOT work. I end up feeling overwhelmed.

    But where’s your husband in all of this, you ask? Does he not help?

    He does help! Can we get back to me please? Woe is ME!

    So we actually are all ready as a family – to embark on our 2 minute drive to church, one of my favorite things about where I live. And get this, we’re actually able to be like 10 minutes early at church. There’s just one problem.

    Hubby misplaced his wallet.

    So he and I are frantically searching for it. He’s super tech savvy, so he’s got those Tile trackers. These are handy little devices. I am always forgetting where my purse, keys, phone are and these trackers (also bluetooth/app) include a happy little tune that tells me I need to get my crap together. Okay so it doesn’t, and I’m glad my hubs invested in them.

    But I digress…

    Long story short, we get to church on time, and Sacrament Meeting goes as good as it can. But I know there of many moms out there who think the same thing I’ve thought before. Why do this? Why take our kids to church? If it’s such a struggle, why do it? Satan often puts that mindset into our heads.

    “You’re not going to get anything out of church, so why even bother? You’re not going to make it to church on time – and you have to do this every Sunday? How exhausting. No point in trying.”

    If you notice, Satan’s mindset is louder than the Spirit’s still, small voice. He knows the natural man is strong within. But it’s important has Heavenly Fathers’ children that we do what is right…not always what is natural.

    Church may not get you into Heaven, as I’ve been told in the past…but I firmly believe in its essential importance in our lives. As someone would go to the hospital to get better, we go to church to be spiritually healed. It is something deeply I feel in my bones, and while has been shaken a handful of times in the past, my foundation is firm. And I want my kids to know that.

    “Are You Jesus?”

    This morning, I received an e-mail from my favorite missionary, Joseph, who also just so happens to be my brother in law. Guys, his testimony is strong! He wrote that a brother in his ward shared a powerful story, and I’d like to re-post it:

    “He told us of two young men that he knows, one named Mike and another named Ken. They grew up together and they were both baptized when they were younger, but when they grew into teenagers Ken stopped going to church. They stayed friends, and Mike always invited Ken to church, but Ken never came. Then, soon before Mike left for his mission, he was given a calling to work in the nursery. He loved teaching the nursery kids, and one day he invited Ken to join him in nursery class to see the kids. Surprisingly, Ken accepted his invitation this time! So Ken came to church first time in years! His skin is kinda tan and he had long dark hair and a fair beard, so when he came into nursery with Mike that day all the kids sat quietly and just stared at him for a long time. Mike began teaching, and at one point a young boy walked up to Ken and crawled up onto his lap. Ken was a little uncomfortable and confused, but Mike cautiously continued his lesson. Then another little girl came up and put her hand on Ken’s knee. Then the little boy in his lap looked up at him and said, “Are you Jesus?” There was a moment of awkward silence, and then Mike said, “No, this isn’t Jesus, but he IS His brother.” To which the little boy responded by throwing his arms around his neck in a warm hug and said “I can tell.” Ken said that small experienced changed his life, and about a year after Mike left for his mission, Ken followed suit and entered the mission field as well. It was such a beautiful story and I hope every one gets a chance to hear the good news that we are all sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father who loves us more than we can fathom. He is conspiring for our good. He is faithfully watching every miniscule detail of our lives. I know this.”


    I think this particular story fits in with my blog post. Going to church isn’t always easy, whether you have no kids, 1 kid, or 15 (p.s. if you have this many, and you take them all to church, you’re my hero!), but it’s completely, utterly, 100% worth it.

    with love,


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