What to Get – What NOT to Get for Teacher Appreciation Day


    Before anyone starts grabbing their pitchforks and torches, this post isn’t saying that certain gifts won’t be appreciated by your teachers. If it came from your child, they are sure to love it, regardless.

    It is important, however, to remember that each teacher enjoys things more than others. How sad would it be to get them a gift that they couldn’t use due to an allergy issue, religious preference, or an overabundance of something. We need to show these teachers how much we appreciated them for caring and teaching our kids. We know how much of a handful they can be. The amount of time they spend every day preparing is mind-blowing, and honestly, I don’t think teachers get enough credit.

    So coming from the mouths of….well, teachers I have spoken with, here are ideas on what to get…and what NOT to get for Teacher Appreciation Day!

    What to buy:
    • Books – either for them or for their classroom. Might I suggest “Nothing Rhymes with Orange” or “Can I Draw Too?” by Mis Ris!
    • Gift Cards/Certificates – sometimes a teacher just needs a little pampering. This one is the number one request I’ve found to be asked by teachers.
    • Snacks/Drinks – Find out your teachers favorites of all time! You may find them on the Ibotta cash back rebate app and save some money as well. Win-Win!
    • Personalized Stationary – such as pencils, erasers, notebooks, etc.
    • Smell good hand sanitizer – I hear Bath and Body Works is a hit with the teachers.
    • Notes from students – FREE idea and it’s personal.
    • Notes from parents – They take our kids for half of the day and teach them. They need to hear a little thank you from us
    • Classroom activities – Card and board games are a plus! So are arts and crafts.
    • Reward Box for his/her class – fill a box with stickers, sugar-free candies, little trinkets, etc.
    • Classroom Supplies – If a class runs out of supplies, the teacher sometimes asks for donations. This day would be perfect to help them stock up a bit. Silly pens, earbuds, cardstock, etc. are great ideas.
    • Subscriptions – Educational Magazines or monthly subscription boxes. Here are a list of FREE magazine subscriptions available.


    What NOT to buy:
    • Mugs/Tumblers – I’m sure they have plenty of them.
    • Knick Knacks – There’s not enough room on their desks to proudly show them off
    • Lotion – the possibility of skin issues. It would make the teacher sad if they couldn’t use it.
    • Stuffed Animals – need I say more? Unless the teacher has an admiration for stuffed animals, of course.
    • Homemade treats – Allergy issues may arise.
    • Clothes – this one is a hit or a miss.
    When in doubt, just ask them what they need. Chances are, they’ll let you know!

    I’m hoping to be adding more to this post as the school year continues, so keep coming back for more ideas.

    School Tips:

    Contact your school about any “teacher gift idea” list has been made (or updated). Chances are, there is one. Perfect cheat sheet for you, and you’ll know any allergies they may have.

    Helpful tips from a teacher:
    “Know how to spell the teacher’s name! And if there are multiple teachers in your room, know all their names and attempt to treat them semi equally. You’ll always have one you work with more or a favorite, but don’t say “this one is for ms Sam and this is for her other teacher”. In that actual scenario those teachers spent equal time in the classroom and had been with the kid (and previously her older brother) for a long time. It ended up really hurting her feelings even though they are the sweetest family ever.”

    Did we miss any gift ideas on our list? Let us know in the comments below!


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