I Made My Own Mini Washing Machine


So a few months ago, my washer sensor broke – and with a family of 8, I do laundry everyday so you could imagine my horror of not having a way to wash their clothes. Laundry pile up is in no way, shape or form any fun! And it piles up fast.

One of my friends said I could borrow her DIY washer, which included two of those large, white food storage buckets – one with many holes, and the other to keep the water in – and a toilet plunger with multiple holes in it as well. She said her and her family had to use it for a while when their washer broke down too, and while it takes forever, it was incredibly handy to have.

But I guess the climax of this story is…I didn’t end up borrowing her washer.

I probably should have, considering its durability. But alas, I did not. Quite the climax, eh? Instead, I made my own. Honestly, I could have spent more money and time on a better one, but I didn’t have either. I drove to my nearest Dollar Tree and grabbed two baskets, one with holes (typical laundry basket). They also have plungers, so I snagged one of those also. And my total came to $3.00 (plus tax).

It took me all of about 5 minutes to drill holes in the bottom of the laundry basket and the plunger. Voila, my own little personal mini washing machine.


Needless to say, it wasn’t very efficient.

I was only able to very small loads and took me quite a bit of time to wash clothes. It was easier to just let them soak in laundry solution for half an hour, rinse and ring them out and hang them out to dry. Regardless of the setback, it helped out a ton! And it only costed me $3 at Dollar Tree and a few minutes of my time.

Even though my washing machine is working, I’m still doing a couple loads of laundry a day. This mini manual washer gives me the chance to let other clothes soak while it’s waiting to be washed. If you prefer a more sturdy, durable manual washer, look into large food storage buckets and just repeat what I did. Happy DIY!!

  • One large basket
  • One laundry basket (with handle)
  • One toilet plunger
  1. Drill holes in bottom of laundry basket
  2. Drill holes in plunger
  3. Place laundry basket in other large basket
  4. You’re ready to clean!

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