I’m Back, and I’ve Changed!


    Okay, so physically – naw I haven’t changed much. I’ve just decided to re-brand myself. You see, Coupon Friendly was a company that I (and an amazing co-blogger, Bonny) worked hard on for a good 7 years. However, due to personal issues – or what I felt was a heavy prompting – I had decided to step back and close those doors for myself in July. At first, my heart sank. I spent countless hours on it. It was my baby! But after time went by, I became more at ease with the decision. It was an acceptable decision, and I trusted my feelings wholeheartedly.

    Now with it being 6 months later, I’ve felt a desire to start blogging again – only in a different light. There had to be rules – I couldn’t open up another business again, and I couldn’t let it consume all of my time. Okay I could totally work with this idea. So here it is – Where there’s a Willis (nice play on words, eh?). With this new blog approach (which will continue to have ‘Coupon Friendly’ attached to it until further notice), you’ll see things MY way. On top of the deals I may find (because I am still a couponer), I’ll be posting new ideas I come across, what I’m working on, DIY projects, canvas painting, etc. It’ll be more of a personal mommy blog.

    And don’t be scared, but I’m religious, so you may come across a few (if not several) faith-based posts. If you’re uncomfortable, #sorrynotsorry.

    I hope you’ll continue to follow me throughout this new exciting stage in this blog. I won’t be accepting any form of sponsored posts, so if you e-mail me about an opportunity you’ll either be ignored or receive a resounding heck-to-the-freaking NO!

    Don’t forget to subscribe! It’ll still be under Coupon Friendly’s newsletter for now, but things will be changing soon enough. Thanks for reading!


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