30 Free (or cheap) Date Night Ideas for Springfield, MO


    Date Your Spouse!

    If you’re anything like me, you understand how important it is to date your spouse, whether you’re married or just in a relationship, while connecting and reconnecting over and over. My husband and I have maintained a once-a-week date night, whether it’s an at-home one, or a dinner and a movie. Having 5 kids doesn’t give us much wiggle room with money, and I know many couples can understand that dilemma. Date night most certainly should take a high priority, and with the help of my awesome friend, Marisa, I bring you:

    30 free (or cheap) date night ideas here in (or near) good ole’ Springfield, MO!

    1.) Wilsons Creek Trail: Go have a picnic in the wide open spaces, or go take pictures with the cannons along the trail. Check website for operating times. 6424 W. Farm Road 182 Republic, MO 65738 it’s only $15 per car load or $30 for a full year pass, starting the day you purchase it.

    2. ) Ice Skating: Look up Mediacom Ice Park for public skate schedule. $6 Admission and $2.50 skate rental each. 635 E Trafficway St, Springfield, MO 65802 (417) 866-7444

    3.) Scavenger Hunt walk! Each person uses the third letter in their name and tries to find things with that letter in it. Don’t forget to keep score! The more of your letter in a word the more points you get.

    4.) People Fishing! Go to a crowded area, like the food court in the mall, with a dollar and some fishing line. Tie the fishing line to the dollar and leave the dollar on the floor. When someone tries to pick it up pull the string and watch people chase the dollar!

    5.) Boat Races. Using only recycled stuff (and some tape) Make something that can float. Bonus points if it actually looks like a boat! Boats must be completed within fifteen minutes after materials have been acquired. Then take a walk, or drive, to water near you. (Fountains work too!) Race your boats. Winner gets to add a pebble to the losers boat as you race again. May the most buoyant win!

    6.) Singled out Dinner: Pick one letter of the alphabet and only cook food beginning with that letter for dinner. (if it gets too difficult you can use the letter in the middle of your word) Get creative, there is more than one word for chicken (foul, poultry, hen). If you cant pick a letter add the number of letters in your first name, with the number of letters in his middle name. Susan + Van would be 5 + 3 so your number is 8 which equals H.

    7.) Memory Video: Take time to video record your version of how you met, your first date, the proposal, or funny married stories. Each of you record your version or you can set the camera up and record together.

    8.) Taboo Picnic! Pack your lunch together. And head to a park. The last item packed in the bag you cannot say for the rest of the night. The first person to say that item while you are on your picnic must do the chicken dance.

    9.) Bring on the cuddles! Walk to the library (or bike) and check out a movie or book. Bring it home and watch/read it together.

    10.) Stargazing! Smartphone users, download the SkyView (free) app, and you’ll be able to spot constellations and planets. You can also see the Hubble Space Telescope, and flying rocket debris. It’s pretty stellar!

    date night

    11.) Random Word Date. At the beginning of your date come up with a word. Then you assign tasks to each letter. If the word is PARTY you have to: Do an activity that starts with P (play tag, prance, practice a sport, pretend), Go to a place that starts with A (America, Asian Restaurant, A park down the road), Things to talk about? R (race cars, Railroads, Really weird stories), Distance you walk T (three miles, three feet, three inches), Word that you try to fit in to conversation Y (yack, yellow, yacht). Other Items for longer words can include, time you are gone, Second activity, second thing to talk about, thing you have to wear, dessert for the evening.

    12.) Create bucket lists. Go to a park with pencil and paper and help each other wright out things you want to do before you kick the bucket, or even things you want to do before the end of the year.

    13.) Imitation Game. Bring your digital camera! Go to the mall or to the park and take pictures of you and your spouse acting like the things around you. Are you a mannequin? rock? slide? Tree? Bench? Make sure you get the thing your are imitating in your picture with you and take turns with the camera!

    14.) Bass Pro Scavenger Hunt! keep tally of who finds things first as you walk through the store. Waterfall, alligator, pink camo, mens boot, turtle, stuffed cat, hat, kayak, root beer, fudge. (you can find the same thing twice if you have found something in between. Like you see pink camo, then you walk more and find a stuffed cat, then you see more pink camo. You can’t find two things of pink camo right after each other. ) Don’t forget to keep score.

    15.) Origami! Borrow an origami book from the library and see who can make the coolest creations!

    16.) Make a time capsule! Even if you don’t burry it, put it up on a shelf and don’t open again until the designated time.

    17.) Go Geocaching. Visit geocaching.com and type in where you plan to be and it will pull up some geocaches stashed in that area. It’s just like treasure hunting.

    18.) Rutledge Wilson Farm Park! 3825 W. Farm Road 146 Springfield, MO 65802 Be advised they are only open until 5, and not open on Mondays. But they usually have something fun, or you can just walk the trails or go fishing.

    19.) Wilsons Creek Museum: Take a look at some of the cool Missouri History we have right here. 6424 W. Farm Road 182 Republic, MO 65738 The museum is free and sometimes they have civil war reenactments or cannon demonstrations. Check their website for operating times.

    20.) Sack Lunch Race: Lay out several pieces of bread and make at least one loaf of sandwiches. Split the loaf in half and race to see who can complete the sandwiches first. Then drive to main intersections in springfield and hand out the sandwiches to the homeless.

    21.) Visit Busiek: A great natural park with rock river and hiking trails. Bring a lunch or your swimsuit or both! (take battlefield to 65 and go south 20.6 miles) Exit from the left of 65 on a small road called Busiek. follow the road and take your first left. Park at the end of the road and you can see the river down the trail several feet.

    22.) Music Test. Go to Palen Music center and see if you can name all the instruments they have. The spouse who can name the most wins. 1560 E Raynell Pl, Springfield, MO 65804 mon-fri open till 7 sat open till 6


    23.) Critter Race! Each of you catch a critter (frog/ant/cricket) then release them at the same time (you can use a cup if you don’t want to touch it) Have them race on a course you have built.

    24.) Story time! Take turns writing a part of a story, passing a notebook between the two of you. No consulting on what happens next!

    25.) Skateland! Visit springfieldskateland.com for skating schedule. $6 per person and free skate rental. (417)881-8011 5163 S. Campbell Ave, Springfield, MO 65810

    26.) Go swimming! The Chesterfield Family Center is open until 10. $8 per adult for a day pass. You can also go in the morning and come back as long as you have your receipt. 1560 E Raynell Pl, Springfield, MO 65804 (417) 891-1616

    27.) Rock Climbing! The Chesterfield Family Center is open until 10. $8 per adult for a day pass. You can also go in the morning and come back as long as you have your receipt. 1560 E Raynell Pl, Springfield, MO 65804 (417)891-1616

    28.) Racquetball. The Pat Jones YMCA has 2 Racquetball courts with balls and racquets provided. It’s nice because rooms are totally enclosed so it’s just the two of you together. A family day pass is $17. Play the game for real, or make up your own rules. Either way, you can have the court for up to two hours. They are open until 10 Mon-Thurs, until 9 on Fri and until 7 on Sat. 1901 E Republic Rd, Springfield, MO 65804 (417)881-1599

    29.) Visit 1984. An arcade straight out of the 80’s. $7.50 each to get in and all games are free. Minus pinball and it’s a quarter. Open till 11. 400 S. Jefferson, Springfield, MO (417)831-3665

    30.) Tandem Bike Riding! Sequiota bike shop is across the street from the park. But it’s a restaurant and bike rental hub. A tandem is $25 for the first hour and $12.50 for each hour after that. You also get a 20% discount on their food if you take it to go on your bike rental. If you don’t want to use the tandem a normal bike can be rented for $15 for the first hour and $7.50 each hour after that. Each bike is equipped with baskets. Bikes can be rented from 11am to 6pm and the restaurant is open till 11 most nights. sandwiches are $9-$10 so it may benefit you to bring your own picnic. 3521 S. Lone Pine Ave. Springfield, MO 417-881-4488

    Did we say 30? Well, here are a few BONUS date night ideas:

    31.) Farmers Market! Nothing better than cruising through the farmers market and smelling everything. You can take a couple of bucks to get a good homemade pie, or just enjoy the atmosphere. Open from 8-noon Tuesday,Thursday, and Saturday 2951 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO (417) 708-1909 springfieldfarmersmarket.com

    32.) Pokemon GO! Nerds unite! Download the app to your smartphones and go on a Pokemon Hunt. Head on into the city and head to your nearest park. While most have a few Pokestops (where you can snag Pokeballs and other various items you need), Nathaniel Greene park is the ULTIMATE one. Located at 2400 S Scenic Ave, Springfield, MO 65807, Phone:(417) 891-1515 from 6:15AM–9PM.

    33.) Fun Acre! Batting cages and putt-putt golf! Here’s the information: Golf 18 Holes – Adult  $2.50, Child age 5-11  $1.75, Child 4 and under Free with adult. Bring quarters for the batting cages! Located at 400 East at 214 W Glenwood St.


    We need your help!

    Do you have any free or cheap date night ideas? We want to hear from you! Please add to our list and comment below with your idea!

    Date-friendly businesses in Southwest, MO!!! We want to hear from you too! Comment your business name, your address and a date night idea that includes YOU. 


    (Disclaimer: This was not a sponsored post. Any opinions here are 100% my own. Prices may change. Contact the business for more information.)


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