Sound off to the Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds


    If you haven’t heard of the Jabra brand, you’re about to!

    Jabra is one of the leading competitors in the headphone business with a mission to “make your life sound better”. I have received the privilege in the past to review several of their products, including their Move Headphones, Tour Car Speaker, and many other great products. I’ve done many reviews on my website and my YouTube channel, and have received positive and negative comments on said reviews. I want to set the record straight that these are just my own opinions, my own thoughts on the Jabra products, and I try hard to keep it as biased as I possibly can with pros and cons. What works for me may not work for you – just like what may not work for me might work for you. If you see something that may interest you, try it out. I personally love the Jabra brand, which is why I share my reviews about them on my social media. When you register your device, you’ll activate a 2-year dust and water-resistant warranty so if you find any defects with your Jabra product they will fix it for you!

    With all that said, I received the opportunity to try out their new Jabra Elite 65t wireless earbuds and I’ve gotta say, the benefits are pretty awesome.

    First off, the charging case.

    This simple, yet sleek case adds an additional 10 hours of battery time for your earbuds. The earbuds have 5 hours of battery time, plus the 10 hours equal to 15 total hours of use.

    Second, the Jabra Sound+ app.

    Now with this app, you can personalize your music with a music equalizer, register your device with that 2 year warranty (available on the Apple App store AND Google Play) I was telling you about earlier, and customize your call and audio settings – including auto-pause in the Audio experience tab. With this feature, your audio will pause when you remove either one of the earbuds from your ears. If you buy the Jabra Elite earbuds, be sure to download this app to your smartphone.

    Third, the connection.

    The voice assistant guided me through on how to connect my earbuds to my smartphone, even though I already knew how to do it with my experience with the other Jabra products I reviewed before. I have an iPhone X, and my Elite 65t connected quickly and with ease.

    And fourth, of course the wireless part is always a perk.

    One con I’d like to make aware to you is it seems that both earbuds have to be within “ears” apart for them to work at the same time. I tried to share a song with my husband, and gave him my right earbud while I kept the left. Of course, the audio paused because I removed the earbuds from my ears. But when I pressed play on my phone to resume the audio, my husband (with the right earbud) was the only one who could hear the music. The left one had no audio. I gave him the left one to put in his ear, and the audio resumed in both.

    *Update – After speaking with a representative of Jabra, it was explained to me that the earbuds, “aren’t made to work independently. Only the right is the master and it “talks” to the left using technology from our sister company that makes hearing aids. Some other companies use bluetooth. However, when doing so the connect isn’t as great b/c let’s face it you have to go thru your skull.
    Please also note our new naming convention. The new family series. You will see Elite series…then they will have a number and letter. the number signifies the level of the product based on the amount of KSPs / technology / price point.
    For example we have a 15e, 45e and 65e. The 15 is the Good version, 45 Better and the 65 is the best. The “E” stands for ear bud.
    In the 65t version the “T” stands for true wireless.”

    This helped me better understand that the right ear bud is the “master” of the ear buds and talks to the left for connectivity.

    Also, like any other earbuds, keeping them in for an extended period of time kinda bothers my ears. I have the medium size ear gels in right now, and this box contains 3 different sizes of ear gels. So I may have to try the smaller ones to see if they make a difference. And I’ll update this post to share if it did or not.

    *Update – I have to say that the smaller ear gels work way better for me. So, hip hip hooray!*

    Check out the Jabra website for more information on this unique product and other wonderful products available. You can purchase it for only $169.99, plus free shipping and a 30-day return. As always, make sure to follow your local laws when using Jabra products as these cancel out noises you would normally hear. If you liked this review, share it with your friends and subscribe to our website and social media networks.

    Would you be interested in these ear buds? What benefit did you find most interesting? Share with us in the comments below! 


    (Disclaimer: I received this sample in exchange for my honest opinion, which are 100% my own. This post is also in collaboration with


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