Other Uses For Mayo


Don’t judge me….but I don’t like Mayo.

I’m a Miracle Whip girl myself, and have never really allowed Mayo into my home. I’ve hissed at the sight of it before. I’m normally not picky, but when it comes to condiments, my least favorite is mayo.

Now before you unsubscribe, or click the X button on the corner of your screen to get out of this messy post, it may shock you to learn that I bought a bottle of it last week. The only reason, however, was because Ibotta had a FREE after cash back rebate. So I guess you can judge me a little. I didn’t want this freebie to go to waste, so I found other ways to use it around the house. Here are some of them that I tried:

Mayo can get crayon marks off your wall….sort of.

I left it on mine for about 15 minutes, and then elbow greased the tar out of the wall. It didn’t get it all off, but it helped a little bit.


Mayo can clean off wood.

I never would have guessed this was going to be a good one. My family has a wooden table, and often times we get rings and residue. Leave the mayo on the area for 10-15 minutes, and then wipe off. This worked great for us!


Polish your sink faucet with Mayo.

I used a nickle-sized amount on a rag and polished it quite easily. I’m sure there are other products that could clean and polish just as easily, but if you have mayo on hand, just know you can use that as well!


Use mayo in your baking!

It replaces oil and butter, and works really well. The cake I made had no mayo taste (which was my biggest concern, obviously) and tasted delish. My kids loved it too!


What other ways have you used Mayo? Let us know in the comments below!! Give me more ideas to use this condiment.

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