Super Simple Cereal Bar Recipe #DegustaboxUSA


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And wouldn’t you know that it’s often hard to find things that my kids like eating, other than that unhealthy (but super tasty—-shhh don’t tell them I said that) sugary cereal? Many parents like myself understand the struggle of morning time. So when I received the Great Grains cereal in my March Degustabox subscription box, I jumped on the opportunity to make something simple, but (fingers crossed) a breakfast my children would enjoy.

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This recipe was going to be a challenge for me for two reasons:

One – My kids aren’t huge fans of nuts. The Great Grains Cereal included almonds.

Two – My kids don’t like coconut.

My anxiety was going to shoot through the roof with this one. How was I going to get them to eat the cereal bars I was planning to make? They wouldn’t dare in this in a bowl with milk poured on top of it. What was I thinking? So I did what any reasonable parent would do.

I put chocolate chips in it.


Did I say reasonable? I meant desperate!

I waited anxiously as my kids scurried to the kitchen to see the finished product. And would you believe me if I told you that the cereal bars were gone in one sitting?

Believe me, because it’s true! My picky eaters loved the cereal bars that I made. It was a complete success. I felt empowered as a mom….like I could do anything!

Check out my recipe and see if your kids would like this one. And don’t forget to look up Degustabox and try it for yourself. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!



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