Drinking Enough Water for 7 Days Challenge


    Studies have said that you should drink between a half an ounce of water every day.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t been drinking much of it, and neither has my eldest. So here’s the challenge we’ve decided to do for the next 7 days: Starting today, Hayden (who is almost 12) will be drinking around 3 quarts of water, and I’ll be drinking around a gallon each day.

    We’ll also be recording how we’re feeling and sharing it on my Coupon Friendly blog.
    Currently, my anxiety disorder has gotten the best of me recently, and Hayden is very self conscious of her acne. We’re hoping after 7 days, we see some change and we’ll continue on a healthier lifestyle.

    Day 1: Hayden and I finished our goal for the day. I’ve got to admit that this challenge isn’t as easy as people might think. You have to be mindful of how much you’re drinking, and when. Your intake of water should be spread throughout the day, not all at once. Oh, and make certain that you don’t drink TOO MUCH water…because there IS such a thing. *mind blown*

    I’m looking forward to tomorrow and seeing how well it goes.

    If anyone is up for joining us on this challenge, let me know. We can do it together. I will continue posting updates on my Coupon Friendly website. Here’s to hoping for a great full week!


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