Introducing HP Amp 100 Printer + 50% off Ink


I love being part of the HP Millenial Influencer Panel! This month, I’ve been using the new HP Amp 100 printer with a Bluetooth speaker built right in.

Mind blown, right?

Okay, so let’s chat a little bit about this speaker. Since when do printers have speakers? And for what reason would a printer need a bluetooth speaker? Many have wondered this, including myself. But after thinking about it, the question “Why not?” came to mind. It’s killing two birds with one stone! No need to spend extra on another device. So, in reality, you’re saving money. Us couponers can definitely say yes to this!

This high-quality speaker system quickly paired to my phone with little complication. I have a ton of iTunes music on my phone, so listening to music while working was convenient. With its Smart Amp technology, the sound is pretty clear, surprisingly!

I’m saving up to 50% on ink with HP Instant Ink and I absolutely love it! You pick your plan based on how many pages you print a month, and HP sends you more ink, straight to your door, when you need and only when you need it. Shipping and recycling included. Use my referral link and, for a limited time, get 1 FREE MONTH of service!

I got the $2.99/month for 50 pages, and it works like a charm.

Not gonna lie! Totally digging these social media snapshots!  Simply connect your social media accounts to the Snapshots app and print off your fave pics using their photo sheets from your HP Amp printer.

Bonus!!! They have sticky backs! This is so great!

Try out the HP Amp printer! I love it, and would definitely recommend it to everyone I know.


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