WARNING!! Personal Assistant Scam! Must Read!


    Scammers are everywhere, and if you find something that’s even remotely suspicious, be sure to check it beforehand. A friend, whom I’ve received permission to share her story and photos, was close to being a victim of a scam. Here’s her story:

    Sarah posted on Facebook:

    “This is a SCAM
    I applied for a “personal assistant” job.
    All he wanted was my name and address. I sent an email asking multiple questions- he asked NOTHING about myself. 
    I got this email and replied that he was a some Nigerian Prince scammer, how dare he prey on the elderly and people who aren’t very savvy but desperate, and a few other profanities-
    For someone I told to “f*** off” and 
    Then send me $4k priority mail, it’s a little suspicious don’t you think?”

    Friends of hers commented on her post, urging her to not deposit it, as it has the potential to have detrimental consequences. Here are a few tips on how to keep your information safe in situations like this:

    • If in a similar situation, take the e-mail address, envelope (or Priority Mail package) to your local police station.
    • Beware of any large (or even small) sums of money in check, cashiers check, or money order. Do not deposit. You could be questioned for fraud.
    • Take the check to the bank and let them know your situation. Odds are, they will run it through their fraud dept, which will in turn get it processed through the feds.
    • When posting on Craigslist or other Marketplace sites for selling purposes, only accept cash and do not mail out your item(s). Scammers will e-mail you or text you, saying they cannot pick up the item, and will send you money via cashiers check and pay more for “shipping”.

    Sarah also posted about a friend of hers who was almost a victim as well. She said, “he called me one day, asking to borrow $200 because he got a call from a “ government” grant program- if he paid $200 they would stay on the phone and deposit $5k into a green-dot card and he could withdraw the money at an atm. But he had to wire $200 first.
    I told him absolutely not- it was a scam and no one is going to call you with free grant money- you have to seek out and apply for grants and grants don’t charge you for them either.”

    Just remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

    Have you ever been in a scamming situation? Share you story with us in the comments below! Let’s help others recognize the red flags to avoid consequences!



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