Are You or Your Child Dyslexic? Check Out This Book! #mydslx


    While I’m personally not affected by Dyslexia, I know several people in my extended family who are. According to the Yale website, around 20% of the whole population is Dyslexic¬†and “is the most common of all neuro-cognitive disorders.”

    If you are in this 20%, you should definitely check out this children’s book! Even if you aren’t, like myself, I’d recommend it! It adds a fun story for the kids, and shows that it’s okay to be different and unique. The illustrator is my beautiful sister in law. The author is one of my best friends, and a mother of 7 (yeah, you heard that right…SEVEN!). She’s an advocate for those affected by Dyslexia, because not only does she have it, her kids have it too. Her book “Nothing Rhymes with Orange” is written in an open Dyslexia font to help those who have it.

    You can find her book in paperback or eBook format on Amazon for less than $10! So check it out!

    “Have you ever been sad because someone does something that you can’t? Orange sure has. Find out how he rises above his challenges in Nothing Rhymes with Orange”

    Do you have Dyslexia? We want to hear your story! Comment below!


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