After School Routine Clock


I’ve been trying to find ways to make my life simpler as a mom! With 6 kids, and more than half of them in school, I have to make things run smoother during the evening. Believe me, I am always open to new ideas, and have tried as many as I could. Unfortunately, nothing has worked long term.

I’ve seen these clock ideas on Pinterest, and decided maybe it’ll work for our family. We shall see!

Less than $6 for clock and frame at Walmart:

$3.88 8″ Wall Clock

$1.93 8×10 frame


You could easily find a $1.00 picture frame at Dollar Tree, if you want to save $0.93.

What you need for this super simple project:
  • Small Wall Clock
  • 8×10 Picture Frame
  • Coloring Utensils (I used crayons)
  • List of 4-6 ideas for the routine (I typed and printed mine out, but you can write yours in if you prefer)
  • small screwdriver (to take off the case)

I used these ideas for my project, and feel free to use them for yourself:

  • Play With Friends
  • Homework/Reading
  • Dinner/Chores
  • T.V./Game Time
  • Scriptures/Prayers

This project took me roughly 20 minutes to make, and not only does it look nice, but it was easy! Fingers crossed that this works for my family. I’m a pretty free-flowing mom, so schedules and routines aren’t necessarily my forte. But I know personally that schedules help with my anxiety disorder…which equals to be being a better mom!

Has this worked for you? Let us know in the comments below!


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