So, I have to go off dairy for 30 days….


And I’m not happy about it. 

Though, I’m sure I’m preaching to the dairy-free choir here. I mean, is anyone ACTUALLY happy about going off of something that they’ve been eating all their life? I’ve been drinking milk, eating cheese, butter – basically anything dairy – baking with dairy, cooking with it.

What in the sassafras river am I suppose to use now?

Okay, I can stop being so overly dramatic right now and get to the chase. My chiropractor (also a cousin of mine) has suggested that my stomach is in need of a little bit of help. And that means to cut out dairy from my diet. For 30 days. A whole month.

That doesn’t seem TOO bad, does it? Well, from my perspective, it may be a little more difficult for us. We have 6 kids. So does this mean I have to make 3 separate shopping lists for myself, for my husband (who has a corn intolerance – so no corn of any kind), and my kids? 3 separate meal plans? That sounds very exhausting! And possibly expensive.

Tell me how I’m suppose to live without my cheesecake?

So, I’m curious as to how I’m going to make this work. And I want to hear from you, my readers, how you have managed your dairy-free diet. I need meal ideas, snacks…basically anything to lend a helping hand. I got this….right?

What has helped you?



  1. I had to go dairy free for a bit over a year after my daughter was born, as she had a dairy allergy while nursing. I did not enjoy it- but survived! I didn’t like any of the cheese “substitutes,” so feel free to try them, but I just avoided those. You can cook/bake with coconut oil in lieu of butter (basically can’t taste a difference in cookies/brownies). Berry smoothies made with frozen fruit and coconut milk are tasty. They even make pretty good coconut milk ice cream now! However, my favorite frozen treat while dairy free was Talenti Sorbeto, Mango or Raspberry flavor. I just adjusted our meal plan to have basically the same meals but without added cheese. Sometimes my husband would add cheese to his own, but often he’d just eat the same as me. Pretty easy to still do pasta, mexican foods, soups (so many good soups!) without dairy. Good luck to you, I hope it helps you to feel better!

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