Dairy-Free Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies


Ermagersh! Going through my dairy-free diet, I couldn’t help but to try Enjoy Life chocolate chips. And with the lack of flour I had in the kitchen the other day, I blended up some oats and used that in replacement of the flour. The cookies turned out so delish. I honestly couldn’t stop myself! Kudos to Enjoy Life for making something super tasty for those with dietary restrictions. You’re awesome!

So like I had said, I had no all-purpose flour in my pantry. I wanted cookies, but had no way of making them without the ingredient I normally use. Thankfully I found a canister of old fashioned oats that I needed to use up quickly. This step was pretty optional, as you can make oatmeal cookies with the oats as is. But I chopped them up in my Ninja and it worked like a charm….seriously, the best appliance (besides my KitchenAid mixer) I have in my kitchen by far!

So long story short, I replaced the white flour measurement with the oat flour. Mixed up the ingredients per the directions and baked them for only 8 minutes. They came out so delicious and sweet. It’s probably not the best for you (with all the sugar), but definitely good for your sweet tooth. If you have the restriction like I do, but still crave the sweets, try out this recipe!



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