5 Tips To Purchasing Marketing Products On A Budget

(Disclaimer: This is a guest post.)

In this day and age, in order to thrive, it is necessary to stay ahead of the curve. Therefore, if it is a business that you are operating, it is essential for you to market your products well. However, not all of us have the luxury of spending a fortune on advertising and marketing. Most of us are cash strapped, looking for cost-effective ways to promote and market our products. Here are 5 tips to purchasing marketing products on a budget.


  1. Provide giveaways


No one can say no to free gifts now, can they? Therefore, it is a great idea to provide giveaways when you are launching your products. The cost is less but the returns are great; you will be able to generate interest and responses easily. However, there should be a strategic objective while giving away freebies. You should tempt the consumers to like your page and share your videos etc.  


  1. Visit Inkhead.com


The site, Inkhead.com, is a service website that provides information on the nuances of marketing products on a budget. The service website has only one objective in mind—to help market your business. So, how does it go about its business? Well, it helps burgeoning entrepreneurs by making a wide selection of promotional products available for purchase. The promotional products are easy to navigate and easy to access; there are inkhead discount codes too.  


  1. Perhaps, you should join hands with an influencer or a local celebrity?


If you would like to market your products to the local masses, it is advisable for you to get a local celebrity to endorse your products. These local celebrities will not charge you a fortune and they can be easily reached; a simply phone call or email can persuade them to join your venture. And, if you are willing to spend a little more, you should perhaps get an influencer to wax lyrical about your products. You´d be surprised to know exactly how influential these influencers are; their association will have your products selling like hot cakes.


  1. How to create cheap ads


It is of paramount importance for your ads to be aesthetically pleasing. However, you need not spend a pretty penny to get the ads designed and created. Platforms such as Fiver.com, allow you to gain access to freelancers that are willing to create ads for $5! The platform also has other marketing services that you can use to your benefit. You can find freelancers that excel in online marketing, graphic design, animation, infographic designs and what not!


  1. Crowdfunding platforms


Through crowdfunding platforms such as Tilt and Kickstarter, not only will you be able to promote your products easily, you can also get financial support for the continued development of your products. It is simply a non-zero-sum game. However, you should be able to showcase the benefits of your products and promote the product well in order to taste success in a crowdfunding platform.  



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