5 Tips to Prepare for the Upcoming School Year #DegustaboxUSA #Ad


    For some of you, school has already begun. However, for those who haven’t just yet…such as us, we’re still running around like a chicken with its head cut off to get things ready for our kids’ big day. Four out of my six kids are going into school this year (2/3 gone for the day…am I doing my math right?) and I can’t tell you how stressed out I’ve been getting to make sure each and every child has everything they need to start off their first day perfectly.

    But this isn’t my first go around…stating the obvious. My oldest is going into 6th grade! Where is the time going? For real! I wanted to share with you 5 tips to prepare for this upcoming school year to make things just a bit more smooth for us parents, besides just focusing on the school supply list. Because let’s face it, we need all the help we can get!

    Print off enrollment papers beforehand

    Every time Meet the Teacher night comes around, the classes are filled with parents and kids. Needless to say, it gets a bit crowded. The teacher usually hands you a folder with paperwork included for you to fill out. Yeah, you can sit in those adorable elementary school chairs while you’re juggling your little ones to stay with you and keep quiet (yeah, good luck with that one!), or you can take it home and turn it in on the first day. BUT, why not just do it beforehand? It takes just one less stress off your hands and your Meet the Teacher night will be easy-peasy! Just e-mail the school requesting the PDF of the paperwork for you to print off yourself.

    Do the laundry

    Nothing says unprepared like not being able to find your perfect outfit on your first day of school. A couple days before my kids start school, I have my laundry day. I wash, dry, fold and arrange the kids clothes for easy and quick access. The organization take a bit of time, especially with 6 kids, but it saves so much time and hassle for my morning routine. They won’t have to waste their breath complaining about not finding their favorite socks or other shoe. There’s a place for everything, and everything in its’ place!

    Stock for quick and easy lunches

    When you have a handful of kids going to school, eating healthy is a huge plus…but I can’t dish out sushi rolls and veggie wraps every single day. I’d go mad! I’m always on the lookout for quick on-the-go entrees and snacks to pack in my kids’ lunchbox. In my Degustabox subscription box this month, I received Dole Peaches in Strawberry Gel. They’re the perfect serving size, my kids love them, and they’re low in calories and rich in vitamin C. And if you prefer vitamin C, you’ll also want your kids to try out the NEW Welch’s Fruit Rolls. They’re made with real fruit, and super fun! I wrote a blog post a few months back on 4 Must-Haves in Your Child’s Lunchbox, and it definitely coincides with this blog post.

    Many of the products found in the Degustabox benefit those with allergies or sensitivities to certain foods. If your child is on a gluten-free, vegan, or other form of diet, check out Degustabox! For $30 worth of food, you can snag it for only $19.99, which is a great price! You can receive your FIRST box for only $9.99 – which is 50% off the monthly sale price! Just head on over to their website, and use coupon code 4F5AH to save. Gotta love coupons! Try Degustabox today!

    Set up your evening/morning routine early

    Let’s face it: It would be wrong of us to think we can spend the summer up late, waking up late, only to think we can get up early for school time and make it the entire day. Okay, maybe some people can function like that, but for most we will go crazy and hulk-smash everything in our paths. No one wants to see that! Try starting about 2 weeks before school starts to get a routine going. Get the house settled for bed around 8 with pj’s and teeth brushing, so that waking up and beginning the day at 6 won’t be so bad.

    Commandeer a wall for your school station

    If you haven’t done this one already, you’re missing out! Trust me, and all those who have one of these, you will thank yourself for your own school station. This is a designated wall in the front hallway, or in a hatch like what I have, specifically for school-everything – calendar, school contact information, students paperwork, extra school supplies (you’ll still need this at home) and everything in between. If it’s school-related, you’ll have a place for it!

    Helpful tip: Laminate the school information so you can use a dry-erase marker to make any corrections. 

    So, my question to you is: Do you have anything to add on to this list? What are ways that you get prepared for the school year?

    Special thanks to Degustabox for sending me a box to try out. 


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