Spruce Up Your Porch For Fall: Deals Under $25 #AtHomeFinds #sponsored


    (Disclaimer: This is a paid post by AtHome Stores and BSM Media in exchange for my review. All opinions here are 100% my own.)

    Last year, I received the opportunity to fix up my master bathroom by purchasing products from the At Home store. I have never been one to really make a real effort to decorate my home, since I don’t have an interior designing bone in my body. However, upgrading my bathroom a bit was quite empowering. I was able to create something neat and tidy – something I wouldn’t mind others seeing.

    This past month, my husband and I bought a new house for our family, and I thought I would spruce up our front porch with fall decorations. Now I know what you’re thinking…. it’s still summer, Kristin! Stop getting ahead of yourself! Well two things come to mind. One, when you receive an opportunity to check out the new Fall Products from your local At Home store, you jump on it immediately! And I did just that. Second, I am totally ready for summer to be over. This heat is killing me! The heat index has been over 100° on and off the past month. And with six kids, you can’t do much outside without risks of sunburns and heat stroke.

    Ain’t nobody got time for that!

    So with all that said, I would love to show you all what all I purchased from my local At Home store, and share with you 4 ways to keep your Autumn decor under budget this coming season. Many of the seasonal products are under $25 each! And it better come fast, because I’ve set it and I’ll say it again, I am done with this heat!

    One, Size it up

    The straw bales come in small, medium, and large sizes, ranging from $4.99, to $19.99. They are a bit messy when they come out of the package, but that is to be expected with straw bale! They are perfect for stacking, and using as photography props. Plus, different sizes means spending less – instead of spending $60 for 3 large bales, spend only $36 for one of each size. I bought 1 medium and 2 small ones.

    Medium straw bale $10.99

    Small straw bale $4.99

    The craft pumpkins come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. You can easily find a color scheme that works right for you. And they’re all reasonably priced!

    Craft pumpkins $5.99

    Two, Incorporate the Holidays

    The autumn season includes both the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays. It’s not hard at all to find pumpkins, fake fall leaves, and other various themed products. What’s great is that At-Home has a variety of seasonal items for a wide-range of prices.

    The light up jack-o’-lantern makes it fun for the kids without all the mess and clean up.  My little ones absolutely loved it.

    Light up jack-o’-lantern $12.99


    The scarecrow stand I purchased added a sign (give thanks) And is 33 inches tall. This would also work well as a prop, and is a fun addition to your outdoor decor.

    Scarecrow stand $8.99

    Three, Quality Savings

    If you’re looking for something just for this season, then toss it out, by all means getting the cheapest probably works best for you. BUT, if you want something to last you for years to come, spend just a little more to get better quality.

    When I was looking for a wreath for my door, I came by the traditional flower wreaths, but I wanted something a little different. The grapevine wreath I purchased weighs a bit more, so be sure if you get this one to have a solid door hook to hold it in place. It’s a nice size for the price, and it’s good quality.

    Grapevine wreath $14.99

    I really had a hard time choosing a doormat for my porch. There were so many to choose from, and some seemed better quality than others and I chose one of the better quality ones. I personally like the message on this doormat as it reminds us to give thanks for all that we have, and to be grateful for our blessings.

    Doormat $12.99

    As far as crafts go, like home decor, I am no good at it. So the welcome fall sign was right up my alley. I’ve always wanted to make one, but was too chicken to waste money on some thing I knew I couldn’t make. This sign was beautiful, high quality, and I wanted to have it on my porch.

    Welcome Fall sign $24.99

    Four, Shop at Your Local At Home Store

    It’s no surprise that this would be one of the four ways to decorate on a budget, since it is where I shopped. But seriously guys, At Home is a wonderful place for seasonal shopping. I’m thoroughly impressed with all of the options I had. At times, it was hard to make a decision on what items I wanted to buy, but in the end I was satisfied with my purchases. All of my items were under $25 each, and were of good quality. I know they will last me for several more Fall seasons. Head on over to the At Home website, sign up for their newsletter and receive a 10% off coupon! Don’t miss out.



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