Foggy Mirrors? Use This Hack! It’s Amazing!


We all have this issue – foggy mirrors after a hot shower. Sure, we could wipe off the fog with a towel, or use our blowdryer to remove it. What if, though, we didn’t have to do either of those things? Check out my video below, and find out what I used (it includes only ONE ingredient). I was quite surprised by this quick hack, and it only took me a couple minutes applying, and wiping off.

So it’s not only cheap, but it’s pretty effective!

I’ve heard that even if you used a little bit of glass cleaner (try this DIY glass cleaner) after applying the ingredient, it should still work.

Tip: Try a microfiber towel, as paper towels can leave behind residue.



If you prefer to keep the foggy mirror, use a towel to clean it all off. It’s a perfect time, because you don’t have to use harsh chemicals to leave a streak-free shine to your mirror. I’ve done this in the past, and it saves me time, effort, and money!


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