Apple Pie Parfait Recipe #DegustaboxUSA #Ad


Dessert is a must at my house. Granted there are evenings when our family doesn’t have a tasty treat, but when there is, it has to be epic. Why have simple, boring ice cream, when you can make it into a fun experience with your kiddos?

That’s what I did with this particular recipe. I receive Entenmann’s mini apple pies in my Degustabox subscription box, and found a way to implement it into my family’s dinner meal. Mind you, I stole a few and stored them in my bedroom closet because I really love apple pies, but I was able to use the rest of them as a yummy treat. By combining a few ingredients together, I was able to create a mini apple pie parfait. And the best part: no baking required!

The ingredients were simple, the directions were simple. You could probably easily throw all these in a blender and drink it as a milkshake if you prefer. I won’t do that to you guys, though. This treat is small and will satisfy any sweet tooth you may have without overfilling you. Just make sure to use mini glass bowls to keep it a single serve.

Want to try it out? You know you want to! It’s tasty! Check out the recipe below:




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