How to Eat Mac and Cheese without a plate or spoon…


Wanna make a quick meal for the kiddos, but don’t want to get any dishes dirty? My least favorite household chore is doing the dishes, so when I can find a way to not do them, I’m on board. This recipe is simple and doesn’t cost much.

Substitute plates for French bread slices and top your favorite prepared Mac and cheese on it. I used American Beauty small shells and added Velveeta cheese sauce packets. One package ($1.18 at Walmart) and a 3-pack of Velveeta cheese sauce ($2.98) makes as much, if not more as two Velveeta Shells and Cheese boxes ($2.48 each). Cheaper and tastes just as good!

You can often find sliced french bread on clearance at your local Walmart. I bought one for $0.71 (regular price: $1.00).

Sprinkle each with your favorite shredded cheese and put in the oven for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.
Voila! Cheap and tasty!



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