10 Chemical-Free & Eco-Friendly Products to Clean Your House Effectively


    (Disclaimer: I received a sample of Seventh Generation disinfecting wipes, and thought I would share my thoughts on it.) 

    I hate name brand cleaners….well generic cleaners aren’t much better. You know what, I’m just going to say that I hate cleaners in general. They’re always filled with a handful of chemicals, and the fumes are so powerful that they mess with my allergies. I sneeze up a storm when I use them.

    Or I should say USED them. Past term. Don’t use them anymore.

    I’ve found other alternatives to clean my house effectively without all of the harsh chemicals and horrible smelling fumes.

    Here are 10 chemical-free and eco-friendly products you can use to clean any part of your house!

    Borax – We’ve seen this used in making our own laundry detergent, but this also works great in the dishwasher!

    Baking Soda – Not only can you bake with it, but cleaning with it is a breeze. It serves as an abrasive, as well as a deodorizer. Use this on your carpets, walls, laundry, etc.

    White Vinegar – While it may not smell the best, white vinegar works well as an all purpose cleaner. Use in your bathtub, counter tops, walls, and more.

    Essential oils – Want a nice scent added to your cleaners? Add 5-10 drops of your favorite scent. Use in a diffuser as well for your home to smell nice. I personally like citrus, and peppermint. You may also find a handful of eco-friendly products, such as Seventh Generation that use essential oils, such as Thyme oil, Citronella, Lemongrass and Oregano.

    Wool balls – These are a quick, effective way to dry your clothes in the dryer. They’ll reduce the amount of time, and you can add essential oils to add a scent, if desired.

    Salt – Like baking soda acts as an abrasion to help remove stuck-on messes!

    Hydrogen Peroxide – This is great for your first aid kit, but you can also use it to disinfect your bathroom.

    Castile Soap – If you prefer making your own hand soaps, this is the way to go. Try liquid castile soap for your dishes as well.

    Lemon Juice – This citrusy juice will not only make your home smell great, but it also deals with grease and grime!

    Coconut Oil – This oil has tons of uses, but you can also use it to clean your walls. If you have kids, like me, you know they sometimes can be sneaky with crayons. There’s always colorful drawings on my walls. Use coconut oil to remove them!

    Watch my video on how to clean your tub effectively using just a few products from this list:

    Do you know anymore products you use around the house that are chemical-free and/or eco-friendly? Let us know in the comments below!


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