She Used An Odd Product to Remove Permanent Marker – The Results are Amazing


    A friend of mine gave me permission to share this on Coupon Friendly, and I couldn’t wait to show the results to you all. The short story goes as such: She found permanent marker on her daughter Rapunzel dolls’ face, and her aunt shared with her an easy way of removing it.

    You would not believe what she used to get rid of it. It wasn’t what you thought. She explained to me that she “tried EVERYTHING!!! Alcohol, soap and water, nail polish remover, magic eraser, nothing touched it except the pimple cream!”

    Pimple cream? Oh yeah! I couldn’t believe it!

    Here’s how she did it:

    “Put it over the marker and leave it in the sunshine or under a lamp. In this case it took several hours. Like I did this for 3 days. Put the cream on, leave it under the lamp, wash Thrace and check it. It could have taken less time if I had covered the whole face all at once. But I didn’t want it to take off the paint for the face, so I did several small applications. After some trial and error, I learned that it doesn’t take the paint off, just the marker, so I started slathering it on all over and leaving it under the lamp.”

    Here’s the end result:

    So in the end, if all else fails when removing permanent marker on toys, grab some some super cheap pimple medicine and cover the area. Leave out in the light (lamp or sunshine) and remove with a cloth. No scrubbing required! Easy peasy!

    Have you tried this method yet? Let us know how it worked for you in the comments below! 

    Special thanks to Sarah for allowing me to share this awesome fix!


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