I Don’t Drink Coffee, But Here are 5 Other Uses for It #DegustaboxUSA #Ad


I hate wasting products I purchase, especially if I know I could find another use for it. And the internet is chock-full of information that gives you ideas. Simply use Pinterest! As a mom of 5 young kids, I literally use Pinterest for any and every hack to make life just a little bit easier. I received a box of single serve instant coffee to try out in my Degustabox (which is a fantastic subscription box, by the way), but since I don’t drink coffee (or eat anything coffee-related), my goal was to find other ways of using it. Turns out, there’s more than I had thought!

Here are 5 uses for coffee, other than drinking it!

1. Soil

If you have a plant that prefers high acidic soil, you may want to try adding coffee grounds. It releases nitrogen, as well as many different minerals to encourage growing plants. They also work well in compost!

2. Fabric Dye

Coffee grounds serve as a great dye for many things, such as paper, eggs (Easter time!), and even fabric. If you’re needing something to look aged, simply add coffee grounds to a bowl of water. The amount of grounds depends on how brown you prefer it to look.

3. Cleaning Pans

Clean your pots and pans with coffee grounds, because it acts as an abrasive against those stubborn food particles. Use in the toilet as well for scrubbing and deodorizing! My five kids all share a bathroom, and it can get really smelly in there. I can sprinkle a single serve of instant coffee both in the toilet and in their trashcan to deodorize, ridding the stink.

4. Insect Repellant

Coffee grounds is a cheap, natural repellent that keeps insects, such as mosquitos away, compared to other name brand repellants that include many ingredients that we can’t even pronounce! Just put dried grounds on aluminum foil and set it on fire. The smoke will keep those pests away.

5. Exfoliate

While this doesn’t seem to work well with sensitive skin, coffee grounds could easily be used as an exfoliate. Also, if you just cut up some garlic or onion, you understand the stank it leaves on your hands. Use coffee to get rid of the smell as you wash them.

What other uses do coffee grounds have? Let us know in the comments below!

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