Kids Choose: Boboli Pre-Made Pizza Crust vs Pizza Dough


I love having taste-tests with my kids. It’s not only a fun activity we can try out together, but it helps me to know what food they prefer. A couple of my children are picky eaters, so these taste tests come in handy!

This past week, I received my Degustabox in the mail. If you’ve never heard of them, they’re a subscription box filled with new, out-on-the-market, samples AND full-sized food products. So you get to try all of these exciting products before you buy them! This box is only $19.99 for $30+ worth of tasty deliciousness, right to your front door. This is by far my favorite subscription box, ever!

With all that said, I thought this week that I would try a taste-testing session with my kids for dinner. Included in the subscription box was a Boboli pre-made pizza crust, and I had a can of pizza dough in my fridge. A thought occurred to me: Which kind of crust does my kids prefer? So I put it to the test!

Ingredients included on our pizzas were pizza sauce, shredded mozzerella cheese, and pepperoni slices. Pretty simple, and to be honest, they were the only toppings I had on hand. But they had to used, and this was the perfect time!

Following the directions from each package, I laid out both pizzas for the kids to try out. To me, the results were less than surprising. All of the kids preferred the Boboli pizza crust. I personally had to agree with them, as it tastes as though it could be compared to frozen name-brand pizzas. The refrigerated dough was more bread-like, and probably could have been used better as cheesy breadsticks.

Expanding more on the Boboli pizza crust compared to frozen, I feel that this crust gives more opportunity to put down toppings that YOU want. You can personalize your pizza!

At the end of dinner, both pizzas were eaten up with very little clean up. No complaint here! However, the winning crust was indeed Boboli! Compared, Boboli contained more calcium andd protein, plus less sodium than the refrigerated brand!

From looking at them, it clearly showed that the rectangle pizza had more slices, but oddly enough they were the same size. The refrigerated pizza dough costs almost half of what Boboli pizza crust does. But the taste was better! The next time you’re at your local retail store, pick up a Boboli pizza crust and try it for yourself.

For real, peeps! You definitely need to subscribe to Degustabox. There were so many yummy snacks for sampling that I couldn’t pick an absolute favorite. The Loacker hazelnut filled white chocolates were divine. Better than other name-brand chocolates! I opened these Mrs. Thinster’s cookie thins last night….yeah, I ate them in one sitting. Probably not the best idea I’ve had, but I really like thin and crispy cookies. This brand was right up my alley!

How skeptical I was to try out this croissant, but I’m glad I gave it a chance! I can’t seem to find this brand on social media, but this 7DAYS croissant, filled with peanut butter creme and jelly was absolutely delish! There maybe could have been a little more filling in it, but that’s all I can really complain about. The croissant itself was absolutely soft and yummy, and the flavors of the peanut butter and jelly were spot on. I was able to find a pack of 6 on Amazon for $12.99 (which breaks down to about $2.17 each), which seems a little expensive, but worth it! I hate to admit that I didn’t share this treat with any of my family. It was too good!!

$19.99 for a Degustabox is a great price, but you can receive your FIRST box for only $9.99 – which is 50% off the monthly sale price! Just head on over to their website, and use coupon code 4F5AH to save. Gotta love coupons! Try Degustabox today!



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