Customize Your Style with eShakti #ad #customizedclothing


I’m all about modesty. When it comes to my clothing style, I’m normally a jeans and a graphics tee type. With that said, I do often find myself wanting a comfortable, casual dress to lounge around in at home….well, that, and a nice church dress. But every time I go shopping, I hardly find not only what I want, but what I need in casual/formal wear. Better find me a clothing company who allows customization on their fashion designs. Oh wait, I already found one. eShakti is where it’s at.

Never heard of eShakti yet? You’re about to! Learn more below:

“To simply put it, custom clothing does not have to be expensive. By keeping up with technology as it is advancing, we are able to provide customization at a modest cost. Our design teams are based in New York, California and India which gives us a diverse fashion perspective. Our clothing is made in India in our own factories and in local factories that produce some of the leading brands at retail. We do not stock any sizes. Since each style – whether standard sized, custom styled or custom sized – is cut to order, we do not have to warehouse our merchandise. Therefore, you will notice that every style requires your height measurement, whether you are customizing or not. This ensures you a “truer” fit. We ship directly to you. That helps us to keep our fashion affordable.” – eShakti Website


Two things I love about this website: their designs, and the variety of options to suit EVERYONES wants. The eShakti brand includes dresses, pants and shirts, devoted to make the clothes fit you. I tried out their dresses before, so I couldn’t help but to snag another one this time around. I customized mine with knee length, high v-neck and elbow length sleeves. And this hunter green dress has some awesome pockets, one on each hip, and paired up nicely with a pair of brown boots.

All in all, I really love this eShakti dress. It’s a perfect fit for me! They’re great quality, and customizing your fit is a breeze. Be sure to check out their website to see their wide selection of fun fashions at an affordable cost. Register now and get a $25 coupon and FREE customization!


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