3-Ingredient Ice Cream Recipe


Almost everyone loves ice cream. It’s readily available at every grocery store with dozens of flavors to choose from. But if you have the ingredients at home, why not just make it your self? That’s exactly what I did this past weekend, and my family loved it!

Ingredients to make your own vanilla ice cream. So easy, and super tasty! 2 cups of heavy whipping cream

1 14 oz sweetened condensed milk

1 tsp vanilla
First, whip the heavy cream in a stand mixer (or hand mixer), until whipped. Combine the condensed milk and vanilla. Mix together very well. Put in lid container (I reused an ice cream container) and put in freezer overnight. So easy and super tasty! Top with your favorite toppings -candy, hot fudge, fruit, anything!

Want chocolate ice cream? Use chocolate condensed milk and follow the instructions above! Yummy in your tummy! ❤️


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