Top 10 Family-Friendly Gift Ideas – Holiday Gift Guide 2016


    The holidays are right around the corner, and while many have already began shopping, some of us have no clue as what to buy for our loved ones. In this segment of our Holiday Gift Guide 2016, you’ll find gift ideas for the whole family. Check out our list and see if anything stands out for you.



    Snag 50% Off Your First FabKids Outfit! Simply use promo code BLACKFRIDAY50OFFBOY at checkout. Cute clothing for a super cheap price. Great gift idea for all your little ones.



    The black, sleek design is one of my favorite features of this portable speaker. Pairs up with any bluetooth phone (I have an iPhone 7 and it pairs perfectly). The large buttons on top work perfectly with it, and I can see being a benefit to those who prefer the bigger buttons on devices. This speaker can go with any decor in any room you have. Only $49.99 (reg. $159.99) on Amazon!




    If your younger kiddos like superheroes, consider snagging Super Kiddos cape and mask combo. This pack includes 4 different capes/masks, stickers and tattoos for only $16.99 on Amazon. I purchased this for my kids, and they worked perfectly for my 3 year old and my 6 year old. My older kids enjoyed them, but the masks were a bit too snug for their heads. Great quality capes, and worth the price.



    The biggest reason for me getting the new iPhone 7 Plus was the dual cameras and zoom option. I am a blogger…. mommy blogger, coupon blogger, whatever name you want to deem me as. Often times, I can’t take my Canon Rebel camera with me to certain places, such as grocery stores. I mean, I suppose I could, but it may look a bit weird to the associates and other shoppers. I need a great-quality camera that is easily accessible and is available for me to take a quick photo when I need it. If a family member loves photography, then consider the gift of the iPhone 7 Plus. Expensive, yes, but with all of the benefits it includes (I wrote my own review about it on my blog) it’s totally worth it. Buy now on the Apple Website for only $769.




    If you haven’t already checked out Degustabox, you’re seriously missing out on some fun treats and meal ideas. This box gets those creative juices flowing and helps you sample new products that are newly out on the shelf at your local grocery stores. Head on over to their website, use coupon code 4F5AH, which is 50% off, for a total of $9.99 instead of $19.99. Great gift idea to those who simply adore cooking in the kitchen.




    The Doodle Pants brand includes a variety of baby and toddler clothing, including cute children’s leggings. Winter is right around the corner, and your child can keep warm while looking stylish at the same time. These are perfect gift ideas for your little ones. Find clothing on sale for as low as $7.99!

    geek fuel


    Any nerd-lovers in your family? Here’s a gift idea that works with just about everyone. My husband, myself, and our kids are all geeks. Try out Geek Fuel! They’re a high-value subscription box for cheap! You get over $50 worth of products for less than $25 a month, which is a great price. Join today and save $3 on your subscription!

    popsugar subscription box


    I love these POPSUGAR Must Have Boxes. The variety in this box includes something for every lady who just wants to be pampered during the summer months.

    Want to get a little fancy?These PopSugar boxes value over $100 for only $39.95/month + free shipping. That’s a fantastic deal! Put in promo code SHOP5 at checkout and receive $5.00 off your first subscription box. These gifts are perfect for moms, wives, or teenage daughters!



    Our family favors Jabra, needless to say. Their products are not only high-quality, but also long-lasting. Their prices compare to other high-end headsets – a pretty penny, but definitely worth it. These are perfect for dads with desk jobs. Grab the Jabra Halo Smart Earbuds for only $49.99 (reg. $79.99).

    ultra pro


    These coupon organizers from Ultra Pro are definitely nice-quality. The clear page sheets feel quite sturdy and keep my coupons in place. I’ve used the 4-page organizer during shopping trips with my two toddlers, which has helped me tremendously. Before reviewing these, I placed the coupons in my hands while shopping. Too many times, they would become wrinkled (and even sometimes ripped) while trying to handle shopping AND keeping my girls chilled. Check out my review, and snag a coupon organizer for as low as $6.99 for your favorite couponer. Moms are perfect for this one!

    cents of style




    Cents of Style has an amazing selection of clothing for women in several sizes. There are 20 different styles of dresses on sale from sizes small-3xl. Florals. Stripes. Solids. Starting at $19.95 and going to $29.95 & FREE SHIPPING. Great gift idea!

    CYBER MONDAY- Dresses from $19.95 & FREE SHIPPING w/ Code CYBERDRESS


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