My New Oreck Vacuum – Check out the photos!


I love this vacuum – one of a kind, in my book.

It’s a BEAST!!! ….if beasts were light, easily maneuverable, and sleek…

I’m used to heavy vacuums, heaving that honkin’ thing up and down our two-story house. Talk about throwing out your back! The Elevate Conquer is not only lightweight for myself to use, but my older kids can use it as well to help clean their bedrooms. And I can go up and down our stairs with ease!


No Hose Attachment

Though I wish it had a hose attachment, I completely understand the reasoning, and it makes a whole lot of sense. I didn’t realize how little I used the hose attachments on my other vacuums in the past until I started using the Oreck. According to them, hose attachments add on extra weight. Since studies have shown that a typical household only uses their attachment a few times a month, Oreck made a decision to create the hose vacuum as it’s own product, in turn to make their vacuums as light as possible.

Good reasoning, I believe!


The simple switch on the top, which allows you to turn on for carpet or bare floors is amazing. I have both carpet and tile floors, so cleaning my house is quite easy. And many other vacuums I’ve owned in the past claimed they did well on hard floors. They were all wrong, wrong WRONG! It frustrated me to no end. So, needless to say, I was incredibly surprised when using this Oreck on my tile floor. It did the job, and did it well!

Brownie points for the Elevate Conquer!

The superior filtration bag is one of my favorites. I have bad allergies to dust and such, and these bags are made with the greatest quality of technology, and fabric to obtain the maximum trap for allergens. Bonus points!!

I know it’s a pretty expensive vacuum, given the fact that it is $599.99….however, you are definitely getting your money’s worth. I can see this Oreck lasting me a long time!

Check out a few of my photos below of the Oreck vacuum:

Made in the good ole’ US of A!
zipper pouch for your Oreck Manual
My toddler posing with the Oreck vacuum
Superior filtration system bag


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