Easy Meatball Sliders with Homemade Rolls #DegustaboxUSA


They look like potatoes.

I’m not gonna lie. You look at the pictures, and you see what looks to be like small potatoes on a plate.

No they’re not potatoes. They’re rolls…potato-looking rolls.

I know they don’t look that pretty, but at least they’re super delicious. These rolls surprised me to the fullest. There’s just a little bit of a difference, compared to other rolls – the flour.

I received White Lily White Grape Seed flour in my Degustabox August subscription box. What’s great about this box is that the company ensures that the value of the contents in the box exceed the monthly subscription price. This box retailed right around $30, and you pay $19.99 a month (if you keep scrolling down, you’ll find a 50% off code, so get $30 worth for only $9.99!).

The White Lily White Grape Seed Flour peaked my interest quite a bit, considering recently my kitchen has been used in full force by my kids and myself with baking and cooking (cookies, breakfast casseroles, and bread). So here’s the short summary of this flour. Basically, it’s “enriched all purpose wheat flour and white grape seed flour blend” and are non-gmo verified. Also, this flour is sourced right here in the great U.S. of A!


Swapping out one for the other

I took the liberty of replacing my white flour that I have sitting on my kitchen shelf with this wheat flour and pile together homemade dinner rolls. Thankfully, meatballs and marinara sauce were calling my name to be used. Apparently, dinner rolls + marinara meatballs make a pretty good pair.

To be honest, I didn’t think that this flour replacement would taste good. In fact, I waited for the bread to dissolve in my mouth with it’s horrible texture.

I sadly admit that homemade wheat bread is gross – or at least, I haven’t had such a good experience.

When I bit into the first roll, it was piping hot, and I added a small spread of butter. The taste was divine! I not only had my husband try it out (who is INCREDIBLY picky – worse than our kids), but I had a couple of our close friends give it a go, along with – of course – our kids. Every single one of them loved the rolls, and in turn, loved the meatball sliders.

Simply put, it was a success!


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