This set of OXA bed sheets are awesome! Here are 3 benefits…


1.) 1800 Thread Count – Higher thread count equals to better quality sheets!

2.) 100% Polyester Microfiber – While they’re as strong as cotton and long-lasting, they’re thin and incredibly soft. *additional perk: it dries quickly!*

3.) Low Price – At $19.99 for a queen set on Amazon, you can’t go wrong!


The OXA bed sheet set comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillow cases. My husband and I have a queen bed, and were in the market for a bed sheet set. Recently, my wonderful sister gave us her old comforter set (purple and gold – seems fancy!). Given the fact that we had BLUE bed sheets, we HAD to find something more fitting. The OXA set came just in the nick of time! Here’s a little more information about them:

Directions in this package show that you should:

  • Not bleach
  • Not tumble dry
  • Dry clean on low heat
  • Wash with warm water
  • Iron on low heat


 My Only Beef

Not “having a cow” or anything (you see what I did there – with the “beef” and the “cow”? I’m so punny!), but my only real issue with this bed set is the size. Although it showed it as a Queen, the fitted sheet seemed to be a bit bigger than my bed. I would almost guess that maybe the queen size I received was fit for a king instead. We even have a memory foam topper that adds about 2 inches, and the fitted sheet was still too big. It states on the Amazon description of these bed sheets that they are resistant to shrinking.

 The OXA bed sheet set was a hole in one. The price is not only fitting in our budget, but these sheets are comfortable, long-lasting with its thread count and worked well within the color scheme for our bed. I would recommend these to anyone in the market for nicer sheets.


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