Virgin Sangrias for the Whole Family – Warning, It’s Delicious


I’ve never been a huge fan of sparkling water. But when you combine it with your favorite juice or drink, it becomes something totally delicious. I received the opportunity to try out Topo Chico mineral and sparkling water through my Degustabox. Haven’t heard of Degustabox yet? You’re missing out! Check out another recipe I worked on from the subscription box here, and learn more about it.

Imported from Mexico, this brand has been around since 1895 and sold throughout the United States. Though Topo Chico isn’t available where I’m located (Springfield, MO), I’d be interested to request it to be brought here. It’s quite good.

virgin sangria

This past weekend, I had decided to give the flavored sparkling water a try with a concoction of strawberry lemonade and chunks of fruit. It made enough for everyone in our household, and more! It was a huge hit, to say the least. The taste wasn’t overpowering, and the fruit slices and chunks were a colorful addition to this virgin sangria.

I would recommend anyone who enjoys mixing drinks to try out Topo Chico sparkling water. Serve this drink over ice, if preferred. If you don’t like strawberries, pick your favorites, like pineapple, apple slices, or blueberries. Try placing fruit chunks in an ice cube tray, fill the rest with water, and freeze completely. Combine with this virgin sangria drink. Your kids will grow excited! This is a PERFECT family-friendly drink. Check out my recipe below:



virgin sangria

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