So here’s what’s happened within the last 24 hours…


    I hate the smell of hospital rooms.

    So we can push it back just a little further than 24 hours…take it back another 6 days…

    My husband got sick Wednesday with what seemed to be a cold, then turned slowly into what we thought was the flu by the weekend. Nothing was helping him with his pain levels (they were quite severe), so he was rushed to the hospital last night. 

    This was my update on Facebook:

    “Update: Josh has received X-rays for possible pneumonia…still uncomfortable, but is receiving meds through the IV to get there. Will be here overnight to wait for answers. 

    We’re overwhelmed with all of the messages, texts and calls for Josh, and we truly appreciate it. We’ll get to you all soon, promise!!”

    Overnight came round, and I got about 3 hours of shut eye. Can’t imagine how little sleep my poor hubby got. Needless to say, I couldn’t sleep well because of my overwhelming worry for my husband who was put in the ICU about 2 hours after checking in at the hospital.

    Quite a few tests have been done to determine what is going on, but no answers just yet. I just sit here at my husbands bedside watching him rest and praying that everything will be okay.

    So with all that said, Coupon Friendly will be on slow mode for the rest of this week. Please, please all you prayer angels, send good thoughts and prayers his way. We’re feeling positive we’ll get to go home soon enough to our 5 wonderful kids. 

    Thanks for all of your love and support.

    Did I mention I hate the smell of hospital rooms?


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