SIX meals from HelloFresh, delivered, free after cash back!!


Who here could use SIX meals from HelloFresh for free after cash back from Top Cashback? This is for NEW Top Cashback accounts!

Have you tried HelloFresh before?

According to Top Cashback:

“Visit Groupon through TopCashback, purchase the ‘one week of subscription cook-at-home meals for two from HelloFresh‘ deal priced at $29 for a vegetarian box or $35 for a classic box and within seven days either $30 or $36 cashback (depending on the box you choose) will post in your TopCashback account.”

So all you gotta do is cook these meals yourself. Free food!! Yessss!

Here’s what you gotta do:

1.) Sign up here

2.) Click on the GET CASHBACK button at the top, and it’ll redirect you to the website to make the purchase.

3.) Don’t forget: “Transactions must only contain one ‘one week of subscription cook-at-home meals for two from HelloFresh” deal priced at $29 (vegetarian) or $35 (classic) to ensure $30 or $36 cashback is credited to TopCashback accounts.”

4.) You’ll receive $30 or $36 cashback within 2-3 weeks. Sweet!! Payout with Paypal!!

*Tip: Make sure you choose “two people” and “1 week” on the selection page*

Let us know if you get it!


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