Pound Cake French Toast


So I’m totally blown away. I had never thought using pound cake in replacement of bread in a french toast recipe would be life changing!

Okay, so maybe I’m being a LITTLE overdramatic, but let’s face it…I’m not a chef – I know it may be a bit hard to comprehend, so I’ll pause for a moment to let it sink in…



Haha, I love being a goofball. Anyways, back to the work at hand.

Sara Lee Pound Cake…I urge you all to seriously stock up on this stuff. I checked out their website lately, and noticed a couple of french toast recipes, and I thought to myself, ‘hey self, you should totally try this! Your family will love it.’

I was running around like a madman yesterday, but I thought I could squeeze in a little breakfast time for dinner. Took me no time at all to make super simple french toast (you know how to make it, eggs, milk, a touch of cinnamon). I cut up the pound cake in half-inch slices. Of course, I had to decorate the plate and make it look pretty.


The first bite came from yours truly. Let me tell you, it was super tasty and moist with a small amount of crunch on the outside. Combining it with the strawberry chunks and syrup only enhanced the french toasts’ sweetness, making it a perfect dinner.

And in case you haven’t figured it out…yes, I eat breakfast for dinner. Don’t you?

So the reason why this all came about was that Ibotta had a $1.25 cash back rebate on Sara Lee pound cake. At Walmart, you can snag a family size for only $4.54, and with the rebate, you can get it for only $3.29. Not a bad price for an easy, yet fancy looking breakfast idea.

Simply prepare your version of french toast, but replace your bread with Sara Lee pound cake, and experience something fantastic! Check out their website for more recipes.

Want to learn how to make the ultimate french toast? Check out My King Cook’s “How to Make French Toast in Quick and Simple Ways“! This post is packed full of information on the proper tools to make them, along with easy-to-follow recipes!



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