3 Must-Haves for an Easy and Adorable Key Holder


I like easy…in fact, I prefer it when it comes to DIY projects. I don’t have much time to focus on a long-winded project, with being a mom of 5 kids, so when I find a simplistic task, I take it. Just recently, my family and I moved into a nicer, much bigger house (we finally have a basement!) and had somehow managed to lose the key holder that occupied our keys in our old home. After searching through Pinterest to see if there was a way I could make a quick one with the crafts I acquired, I came up empty-handed. Of course, the ones I searched through were super adorable, but I didn’t have the wood pieces, glass jars with fake flowers, and stencils they required.

key holder

But alas, I had remembered I had bought a mail/note holder at Dollar General late last year in their clearance section for $1.00 (and it was already decorated), along with a pack of screw hooks. I only needed three of them to hold our keys. Only took me a few minutes, and easy enough, I now have a key holder – easy, goes well with my decor, and ultimately was dirt cheap!

If you want a new key-holder, here are THREE must-haves when it comes to your next DIY – or better yet, the “keys” of happiness. Pun intended.

key holder

  1. Creative Juices

Yes, I mean Pinterest. This is a must-have because it sparks ideas. Yes, the majority of the key-holders couldn’t work for me because of the supplies I didn’t have. But then I remembered what I DID have, and it worked out perfectly. So head on over and see what concepts you discover!

2. Screw Hooks

This is a duh-moment, but remember, there are many sizes and colors these things come in. Make certain whatever backdrop you have for your key holder, that your hooks fit right in. And their the cheapest, comparing to door knobs those fancy-schmancy holders include. You can snag a pack of 18 cup hooks on Amazon as an add-on item for only $2.48. Not a bad price!

3. The Price is Right

You’re not just wanting to save some moola on DIY projects. I mean, that’s one reason why we make our own stuff in the first place, to save money. BUT we also want to make certain that we’re getting what we want. When we head over to our favorite craft store (mine is Hobby Lobby), keep a watchful eye on what you’re looking for. And don’t settle on something just because it’s cheaper. That doesn’t always make something better. Stick with the theme of the room you’re putting this bad boy in, even if it takes a little bit more out of your pocket. And at the end, if it saves you money, then it’s a win-win (don’t forget those 40% off coupons craft stores normally have). Make “cents” now?

key holder


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