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Planning a birthday is no easy task, especially when you have lots of kids like we do. Often times, we complete simple birthdays at our house, but our space, and time is limited. My toddler’s birthday was coming up, and I had NO idea what we were going to set up nor did we know how big our spending budget was. Our budget is small with our family of 7, so we required something to keep our kids’ attention entertained while saving money. Thanks to Chuck E. Cheese, we got exactly what we asked for!

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The moment my family and I arrived at Chuck E. Cheese’s for our daughter’s 3rd birthday, we were openly greeted by hosts and the manager with open arms – and the Kid-Check is a HUGE plus (a hidden number stamp that your family receives to avoid certain problems). When you have a handful of kids, it comes in handy!!

At every open opportunity, they were kind and quick to handle any questions we had. We ordered promptly and ate before going off to play games with our kids with the tokens we received – even though we were eager to go play games right away. The party included a princess cut out board, a crown, party packs filled with activities, and a princess cape, which the birthday girl loved! I agreed it was a great addition to the party.

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Our host was absolutely amazing, to say the least. Though we were a small crowd, he kept up the momentum, continuing to engage us in getting excited for the party, and singing ‘Happy Birthday’. No one enjoys a Debby Downer, so I was up shouting along with the kids…though it was possible I was LOUDER than them.

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I have to say, though, the Ticket Blaster was certainly one of the highlights of the night. All of us received the opportunity to go in and get as many tickets as we could. I wanted to tag team with the birthday girl, and she happily obliged, especially since the first time she went it, the tickets whirling around her in the wind left her unable to focus. Needless to say, she did better the second time around.

coupon friendly chuck e cheese's  coupon friendly chuck e cheese's

Half-way through our party, Chuck E. Cheese came out and took a few pictures with the kids, then invited us all over to the entrance of the restaurant to teach everyone a dance. The finale ended with the hosts and Chuck E. Cheese tossing an exorbitant amount of tickets in the air for all the kids in the restaurant to catch. My children all came back with handfuls of tickets to use on the variety of prizes in their glass cases, only to go back and snatch the remaining ones and happily giving them to other younger children who didn’t get as many. It was definitely a proud parent moment!

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By the time my family left, I asked my husband what he thought of this experience, and he said, “I quite enjoyed how we were able to have a great party, and didn’t have to clean up the mess!” A valid point, I thought. Having a birthday party at my house required lots of clean up afterwards – the joys of having lots of kids over – and that idea personally stresses me out. We were well taken care of at our party, with the help of our host and manager, and we didn’t have to clean up…a stress reliever, no doubt!

With the helpful and prompt staff, the fun games, and the delicious food, we would unquestionably recommend everyone to plan their child’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s. It’s incredibly fun for the whole family! Don’t forget to join the Chuck E. Club for perks, members-only deals, and printable activities. Check out their store coupons while you’re at it too!



  1. Looks like you all had an amazing times! I love the look on your daughter’s face sitting with Chuck E Cheese lol!! I can’t wait to take my daughter to CEC over this holiday break!! Always so much fun!

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