You’re On with the Jabra Eclipse Wireless Headset #JabraEclipse


To start, I must brag on my husband a little bit, since we’ll be celebrating our 4 year anniversary next week. He’s amazing! As an on-the-go business owner, my husband not only covers the coding from his software development company, he also maintains his small staff as the CEO. Running his company comes very natural to him. With his job also comes with keeping in contact with his clients, and finding ways to simplify it has become a high priority.


Jabra gave Coupon Friendly the opportunity to try the Eclipse Wireless Headset out for ourselves, and who better than to give this discreet bluetooth ear-piece a great test run than my husband! I was excited to hear about what he had to say about it.


jabra eclipse

Check out the Jabra Eclipse Features below:
  • Premium music-grade speaker
  • HD Voice* for high definition sound quality
  • Our lightest ever headset, weighing only 5.5 g / 0.19 oz
  • The portable charging case allows you to store your headset and charge on-the-go
  • Up to 10 hours of talk time with the charging case (up to 3 hours on headset alone without charging case) and up to 7 days standby time
  • Button-free headset interaction
  • NFC** for easy pairing
  • Dual microphones for noise cancellation
  • Smartphone voice control with Siri / Google Now


jabra eclipse
Jabra Eclipse Portable Charger

Here’s what my husband had to say about the Jabra Eclipse:

The audio quality is really good.

Noise canceling in hat ear is amazing. Almost problematic at times.

I think what surprised me the most was how well it fit and how secure it felt. Every in-ear bluetooth device that I’ve used never felt secure. They have enough weight to them that the slightest movement cause the device to feel loose and flop around. The Jabra Eclipse however is light enough and yet still feel extremely secure. The lack of buttons takes a bit of getting used to at first and it can be a bit sensitive because the entire ear piece is basically one button. I found that when taking it in and out of my ear it would often activate Siri inadvertently.

jabra eclipse

The portable charger is one of my favorite features of this device. Once fully charged, I can toss it in my backpack and use it to easily charge the ear piece throughout my work day.

All in all, I really like the Jabra Eclipse, and would highly recommend it!

You can purchase the Jabra Eclipse for $129.99 at Best Buy and perfect for all of you entrepreneurs out there. This is a great gift idea for the holidays, without a doubt. Don’t miss out on grabbing this fantastic headset from Jabra!



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