3-Ingredient Breakfast Cobbler


When you have a 2 month old baby, getting opportunities to make a nice breakfast for your family occasionally goes out the window. We normally revert back to cereal and toast with jelly. When you have that for an extended period of time, it gets pretty gross. I’ve even tried to change things up with different kinda of cereal – with granola, almonds, and dried cranberries. It was time in my family to try something new and flavorful, but would also be incredibly simple to put together and serve. After all, I only have two hands, and my youngest occupies my arms most of the day. Introducing the 3-Ingredient Breakfast Cobbler. I gotta admit that I was afraid that this concoction wasn’t going to work very well, but once I gave it a try, I was amazed at how delicious it really was. It was so incredibly easy to make too!

Check out the recipe below:




1 Can of Cherry Pie Filling

1 Can of Pear Halves (drained and cut into cubes)

1 Can of Reduced Fat Cinnamon Rolls



1. Pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees.

2. Spray a baking pan with non-stick cooking spray



3. Add the cherry pie filling to the pan, and spread it out evenly.



4. Add the cubed pears and mix with the cherry pie filling.


5. Add the cinnamon rolls evenly throughout the pan.


6. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until the cinnamon rolls are golden brown.

7. Allow 5-7 minutes to cool. Add the icing to the cinnamon rolls. Serve warm! Serves 8 people.


Calories per serving via-My Fitness Pal




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  1. I already pinned this recipe earlier! I am seriously excited to try this – it looks so simple to prepare and we have all the ingredients already in our house! YUM!!

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