DIY Simple Superhero Cape


Have a worn out t-shirt that you plan on throwing away?

Stop right there! Turn it into a super easy superhero cape for your child! It doesn’t have to look perfect, and your child will have such a blast with it.

When I first made one, my son was “blasting” around the house with it on. Who knew something that I spent so little time making would cause his imagination to soar! No pun intended.

All you need is:

a worn out t-shirt


Let us know what you think of this project, watch the video, and be sure to try it at home.



  1. I love it!! I am going through old shirts tomorrow to make my boys some. Love the idea of recycling old things that you would normally throw away!!

  2. I am definitely trying this out for my girls! This is so quick, easy, cute!! And saves a favorite shirt of theirs

  3. This is such a great idea! My grandkids would love having their own capes. I have lots of throwaway shirts handy at the moment, so I think I’ll give this a try instead. Thanks for showing how it’s done!

  4. My two year old will love this. He had a hand towel he was holding up as a cape last night saying he was superman. Lol.

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