Chocolate Covered Coconut Marshmallows


This tasty treat is super easy to make, and the kids can get along with this as well. My kiddos ate this up, and quickly! I had considered crushing up almonds with this…so I’m definitely gonna have to try that out next time.

Here’s what you need:

1 package of marshmallows

1 bag of Hershey’s milk chocolate chips

1 bag of sweetened coconut flakes

popsicle sticks (find them in the craft aisle at your local craft store)



Melt the chocolate in the microwave (make sure to take it out every 20 seconds for a good stir – keep doing so until all of the chocolate is melted)

place two marshmallows on one popsicle stick

Once chocolate is melted, dunk the marshmallows in the chocolate

Sprinkle the sweetened coconut flakes onto the chocolate


coupon friendly

 (Secret word: Batman)


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