Do You have Squeaky Doors in your Home? Try Cooking Spray


My home had issues with squeaky doors, so I just put cooking spray on the hinges and after a few opens/closes, the squeaks were gone. This helped, especially since I have a baby that takes frequent naps. I don’t have to worry about possibly waking her up because of the loud, squeaky door.

It’s as effective as WD-40 and cheaper too!

Have you tried this idea yet? Did it work for you?

Let us know in the comments below.

(the secret word is: smile)



  1. This blog post is BY FAR my FAVORITE yet! I have an unruley bathroom door that my 9 year old seems to constantly open and shut (usually when his younger brother is sleeping). I have known for awhile I needed to by WD-40 but didn’t want to because lets face it… it’s a few dollars and I can only think of using it on this one door. I tried out this spray oil trick (not thinking it would work, but it did)! Thank you for the tip… not only did I NOT have to buy some expensive can of WD-40 and could just use something that I already had in the cabinet…but I also no longer have to worry about the 9 year old waking the 3 year old from a nap! You rock!

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