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(Disclaimer:I participated in this event on behalf of Wendy’s Bloggers for The Wet Brush. I received these products in exchange for a review. I was under no obligation to give a positive review. The opinions expressed here are 100% my own.)

coupon friendlyI have a 7 (almost 8) year old daughter, who dislikes brushing her hair…..okay, maybe dislike isn’t the right word…

DETESTS! Yes, that’s the word I’m looking for. My daughter detests brushing her hair. She avoids it at ALL costs. Every time I have told her to brush her hair, the kind, sweet little girl turns into a big grump, complaining left and right about how much the brush that she uses hurts her head. It is not only a pain for her, it’s stressful on me. I end up having to brush her hair and douse it in hair detangler…that is, if I have it on hand!

That’s where the Wet Brush comes in!

Have you heard of this product yet? If not, read more about it below:

“The Wet Brush – the healthy detangling hairbrush – is the best selling hairbrush in the U.S.! With its famous “IntelliFlex bristles,” it’s a product that has set a milestone in haircare. The bristles’ flexibility enables protective and pain-free detangling. They are firm enough to comb through knots, yet flexible enough to be gentle on the scalp. The tips of the bristles even massage the scalp to circulate blood flow! It’s no mystery why Moms and kids can’t live without their Wet Brush. It’s available in most beauty stores and salons in the U.S. and more than 45 countries.” The Wet Hair Brushcoupon friendly

When I received these products on my doorstep, I could NOT wait (and I’m not exaggerating) to give them a try. My mother-in-law and siblings were visiting when I received the package, so I was able to gain a few more interested seekers to help me review the brushes. The brushes we received were purple and yellow – along with the paddle brush, which was blue. My daughter, of course took the purple brushes (besides pink, purple is her favorite color). We compared the Wet Brush to the hair brush we were currently using. The difference was the bristles. Our current brush’s bristles were tough and hard to move around….the Wet Brush bristles were extremely flexible. I had almost concluded that the Wet Brush wouldn’t last very long, thinking that the bristles would break easily and fall off. So far (in the two weeks that I’ve had them), they have remained strong. coupon friendly

The real test was after my daughter’s shower. Her hair is the most tangled after that. I allowed her to brush her own hair, but had that fear that I was going to constantly hear her scream “ouch!” after every brush stroke…

But I heard NOTHING! In a matter of a few minutes, she came out with her hair all wet still, but it was brushed and ALL of the tangles were out. When I asked her if she liked her new hairbrush, she responded, “I don’t like it…I LOVE it!” Well, dang…if she likes it, then I’m going to try it too, I thought to myself. Sure enough, it worked well on my hair. It’s not as painful to brush my hair now!

All in all….the Wet Brush has replaced our current hair brushes. We are VERY pleased with this product, and we feel you will enjoy it as well. Do you see the smile on her face on the top of this blog post? That never happens when any mention of hair brushes comes up in conversation. That smile is honest!! If you have little ones who have a sensitive head and HATE getting their hair brushed because of the pain of tangles, then you MUST try the Wet Brush!! To learn more about their products, special offers, or if you would like to purchase them, visit the links below:

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  1. This would be perfect for me!! I have the most thin hair and a lot of it! I move and it’s tangled! Forget about if it’s even a little windy, it’s a rat’s nest then! I’m disabled so when I wake in the morning brushing my hair is so painful, I dread it! If this works as well as you say, boy could I use it!!

  2. The classic would probably be the best for my long hair. My long hair can be awful at times trying to brush it because of the tangles.

  3. I would love to try this out. My daughter hates to brush her hair. So if this really works I would so buy it!!! 🙂

  4. The classic would get the most use….but I can’t wait to try the Wet Brush Pop for on the go brushings!

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