Fun Finger Painting Project


I love doing projects with my kids. It’s been a challenge, though, with the addition of our 4th child. However, recently, I’ve tried to make a great effort to try something new each week. Today, I introduced them to finger painting!

Not the traditional finger paint, though. This one is edible and cheap! The ingredients are plain non-fat yogurt and food coloring. No need to get the expensive brands.

I gave my kids each two plastic plates, one for the “paint” and the other for painting on. Since there were 4 colors, I gave them 4 dabs of yogurt on their plate and gave each dab about 3-4 drops of coloring. I, then, told the kiddos to use their fingers to mix in the colors and let their imaginations run wild.

Now, what’s great about PLASTIC plates, instead of paper plates, is that they wipe off really easily and are reusable. Less waste! πŸ˜‰

image (3)

My daughter decided to paint a beautiful butterfly!

image (5)

This was mine.

image (4)

After seeing me paint a flower, my son wanted to make a flower as well. He struggled, so I helped him out a little bit. He was very proud.

image (10)

My youngest son had fun making a HUGE mess on himself, his clothes and highchair. That was all right with me. This project was meant to get a little dirty. πŸ™‚ If you do not want your kids to get dirty with this, be sure to wear an apron or put on play clothes.

The kids also enjoying learning how to mix colors to make different colors.

image (2) image (9) image (11)

Β All in all, my kids had a blast with this finger-painting project. It’s safe to use and if the kids stick it in their mouths, it won’t hurt them. If they wanted to do another picture, all they had to do was use a paper towel to wipe up their plate (or rinse it off in the sink) and they could start a new one. Plus, clean up was a breeze! It gave me the opportunity to ask my kiddos for help. They took damp rags and cleaned up their ‘station’, rinsed off their plates in the sink and dried it all with a paper towel.

After all was said and done, they told me how much fun they had and asked if we could do it again. Of course! This is ONE project I will continue doing with my kids.





  1. Lol @ the human test. I love this idea. I always seem to have yogurt in the house and random food color that I never use. Did you find that the color stained if it wasn’t mixed well enough with the yogurt?

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