My Nutrisystem Journey – Week 10 Weigh-In


(Disclaimer: Coupon Friendly received the opportunity to review the Nutrisystem plan ā€“ 3 months worth + Fast 5 ā€“ in exchange for my review. Iā€™m under no obligation to give a positive review. The opinions expressed here are 100% my own. Results not typical.)

Week 1 Weigh-In: 155 lbs

Week 2 Weigh-In: 150.8 lbs

Week 3 Weigh-In: 147.8 lbs

Week 4 Weigh-In: 146.4

Week 5 Weigh-In: 144.4

Week 6 Weigh-In: 142.6

Week 7 Weigh-In: 142.2

Week 8 Weigh-In: 138.4

Week 9 Weigh-In: 138.2

Week 10 Weigh-In: 137.8

Total Weight loss: 17.2 lbs

Slow and steady wins the race

…although I’m not reaching 1-2 lbs loss a week, I’m still losing weight…and to me, that’s all that matters. One of my favorite meals to eat is the pizza. It’s easy to just pop in the microwave (or oven, which is what I prefer – mostly because of the crunchiness) and eat. It’s super tasty!


One of my biggest struggles (and I’m sure many others can agree with me on this) is get-togethers, whether it’s family or friends. Usually when these occasions arise, there is so much food to feed an entire football team. This past weekend was one of those times. My grandma-in law is one of the best cooks out there, and when she cooks, she makes sure that everyone is fed and there is food left know, so everyone can get stuffed. It’s one of my weaknesses. It’s hard to control myself when it comes to that. I will have to continue working that struggle out.

My exercising is continuing. Simple 15-20 minutes of working out for about 4 days out of the week is what I’ve been going with. And the water, I’m drinking way more often than I am any other drinks. I’m taking my daily multivitamins as well.

I only have 7 more lbs to get to my goal. 130lbs from 155 lbs…I can do this!!



  1. Thank you for sharing your weight loss journey!! I wish I could try Nutri System for free! I have been struggling with diabetes (type 2) and want so much to lose weight!!! I am just a few pounds from where you started out and want to get down to about 135. Congratulations on your success! You got this! šŸ™‚

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