Reusing Formula Scoops


My kids and I absolutely LOVE Nesquik chocolate milk! So much that we normally get the 72 serving canister. Yeah, that’s a LOT of chocolate milk. The last time that we bought the canister, my funny little two year old thought it would be great if he would make his own glass. He scooped a spoonful into his milk cup………when I say he scooped…I mean he poured almost the entire canister in his cup, leaving a Nesquik mess on the floor.


I knew that it would have been less of a hassle if I had a simple scoop in the canister. I had actually tried medicine measure cups, but with no handle to it, it was annoying. I would get powder all over my fingers.

photo 1 (2)

My youngest daughter is 6 months and has recently began formula and I had ended up tossing away the empty formula canisters, along with the scoops. But what a fantastic idea…I could rinse out the scoop and use it in my Nesquik! So I tried it…and my kids tried it. My oldest is 7 and she thought it was easy to use and was less messy.

photo 2 (2)

What I love about these scoops is that just ONE scoop will do just fine for an 8 oz glass of milk. Less mess and it didn’t cost me anything. I absolutely LOVE reusing items!


Once the Nesquik container is empty, I wash it out and store dry item foods, such as flour, sugar, pasta noodles and other things. I don’t have to go buy expensive storage containers. I, then label them by printing off the product name that I put in the canister, such as flour, and use tape to place it over the original label.


In what ways do you reuse items to avoid spending money?




  1. Great idea! I love recycling these kinds of things. When my kids were little I used to clean the glass baby jars and store my craft buttons in them.

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