I Cheated, I Lost, and I am Happy About It!


Yeah, you heard right! Believe me, it wasn’t my intention…and it was definitely a big choice I made, but I would never look back on it.

But it’s not what you think!

I cheated on my Nutrisystem Diet…I lost over 1 lb this past week, and I am so happy about it! If you haven’t read this past week’s weight-loss journey, read it here.

1505568_502767759843379_974897249_nOdds in your favor?

Before my weight-loss journey, I was never good with portion sizing. If I was hungry, I ate…and I ate well! Since I started, I’ve struggled, but have overcome many obstacles, thus resulting in so far, losing over 8 lbs in 3 weeks! This past week, I felt there was so much going against me, when it came to losing weight…such as stress, the Super Bowl, and..well…being a woman (if you know what I mean). Stress has the potential to lead to increased appetite, so in that case, I worked hard to snack on celery sticks and cherry tomatoes. The Super Bowl…well, enough said. And I’ve heard water retention, which in turn, causes weight gain during the monthly issues (like how I’m not saying the actual word? LOL!) I crave salty foods during that time, so drinking lots water was essential!

Even with all that against me, I managed to lose 1.4 lbs! How? Portion sizing…eating until I was satisfied…not until I was down-right stuffed! I ate delicious brownies (thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law), chicken snack wrap at McDonalds (lunch-date with the hubby) and pizza for family night. So were the odds in my favor? Possibly! *knock on wood*

Advice from the Hubby

My husband was telling me the other day that it’s important that I’m completely honest with my readers…..Obviously I knew that, since being a blogger means taking on the responsibility to express my opinions 100%, whether it would be positive or negative. But he didn’t stop there…he explained that there were so many celebrities out there with weight-loss programs, working hard to sell the product, telling you how amazing it is, you NEVER hear about any negative issues that they have with the product. What’s wrong with that, he asked….it feels like it’s too good to be true.

I cannot say 100% that I enjoy the weight loss program I am currently participating in, and I’ve expressed that in many of my posts:

coupon friendly“I stepped out of the box a few times this week. That’s not saying that I was off the NS meals, because I ate those most of the time. I can’t stand most of the breakfast items…although I am very open to at least trying them, many times, I end up throwing it away. The taste is like cardboard with sweet icing. However…some of my favorite meals were the pizza and the¬†Italian Style Turkey & Italian Sausage Melt. I would often add saut√©ed onions, black olives and green peppers to my meals (an additional 20 calories) and make it a bit more colorful.”

I want my readers to know exactly what I think of it…my likes and dislikes…if I feel it’s beneficial or not, hence, this blog post. It helps the readers to determine it as well. Agree or disagree?

My tip to you

While cheating was not my plan, and I don’t intend to keep sneaking unhealthy foods on a regular basis, just know that with any weight-loss program, be sure to reward yourself for keeping with it, and always do it in moderation. You’ll go nuts and be craving greasy pizza and Twinkies, if you don’t. Trust me, I would know!

What has been your biggest accomplishment with weight-loss so far?

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  1. I like that you are honest! My wife struggles to lose weight and I have alerted her to your success with Nutri system. Thanks for all your information and we appreciate your honesty!

  2. I will keep in mind your Nutri System journey as I keep up with mine with a different product. I too cheat once a week and it seems to be working

  3. Love the honesty, it important to be truthful when so many other people have lost that trait. I also have been interested in the system so I always look for your updates!

  4. I love this post I hate seeing reviews from other bloggers that only discuss the positive aspects of a product! Thank you and good luck =]

  5. Keep up the great work and hang in there. I always give myself 1 cheat day every week and don’t let myself feel guilty about it. It is not about giving up everything forever, it’s about moderating and being more aware of what and how much we consume! thanks for the honesty!

  6. I have been struggling with my weight since the birth of my 3rd son. He’ll be 18 in March! I’ve tried a few plans but because I’m disabled and pretty much “home bound” I usually throw up my hands and honestly I quit. I’ve been reading and watching you do your weight loss program and so far, I’m pretty impressed. I’ll continue to read and watch in the hopes that you are successful and get to your goals. Keep posting Kristen, your an inspiration and many of us are cheering you on. Thank you for your honesty. It matters!

  7. i have struggled w/my weight all my life and it got worse when i found out i had pcos. the new meds they have me on has helped me lose some weight but not enough. i will have to look into nutri system. ty for ur honesty.

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