Never Take the Clearance Aisle For Granted!


I have learned to never take your clearance aisle for granted. There is a possibility to get things cheaper than what it says on clearance. Although the ones I got on clearance, I didn’t have coupons for, they still were a good price….just make sure to keep your coupons on you at all times. Check out what I got for cheap at Walmart this morning:

photo 2 (13)

NyQuil 2-bottle pack- Regular price: $13.97…on clearance for $3.50!


Equate Tussin DM – Regular price: $2.72…on clearance for $0.50!

Suave Professionals Shampoo – Regular price: $2.88…Sunday Coupon: $1.50 + Ibotta Cash Back: $1.25 = $0.13!

photo 2

Tresemme Shampoo – Regular price: $3.48…Sunday Coupon: $2.50 = $0.98!

Pampers Wipes – Regular price: $1.98…Sunday Coupon: $0.50 = $1.48! Cheaper than the generic!

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers – Regular price: $1.98 each ($5.98…Sunday Coupon: Buy Two, Get One Free- bought 3 boxes) =$1.32 each!

photo 1 (13)

Children’s Robitussin – Regular price: $4.98…Sunday coupon $3.00 =$1.98!

Be sure to be clipping coupons and keeping them with you when you go shopping. I love being able to save money on things that I need to stock up on! How about you?



  1. I rarely check the clearance isle in stores. I think that they are often tucked away and disorganized. But..I clearly should be searching for them! You scored some great deals and it is a great way to save and stock up items!

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