What To Do with all those Holiday Cards – DIY Fun


This holiday season, I was able to snag a total 45 photo holiday cards for only $1.65 (from Shutterfly and Walgreens), which is SUCH a good deal.

photo (11)I had been thinking of all those family members who I planned on sending them to…..Then I considered a neat way to turn your holiday cards into holiday photo ornaments with just a few supplies:

String or ribbon

construction paper

holiday cards


hole punch

tape or glue

I also used the “Merry Christmas, with love, the Willis Family” and taped it on the back of the ornament, so I was able to use most of the holiday card. It only takes a few minutes per ornament, so if you have an evening this holiday season, try this DIY idea out for size.

If you want, decorate it more with stickers or other craft supplies, such as Popsicle sticks or pom-pom balls.

This idea is not only fun for you to do with your holiday cards, but when you receive them from your friends and family, you could do the same and decorate your tree with personal photo ornaments. How fun!

 Helpful tip: To help keep the ornaments from getting torn, laminate them.



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